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Retro Gaming News: Kao: Tajemnica Wulkanu

By : Luis Zena

"This is a full translation for the PC game “Kangurek Kao - Tajemnica wulkanu”, or “Kao the Kangaroo - Mystery of the Volcano”. Previously available only in the Polish and Russian language, this translation converts all of the text (outside of the title screen graphic) to English, so English-speaking users can now enjoy the game as well.
To apply the translation, simply navigate to…
C/Program Files/Kangurek Kao - Tajemnica wulkanu/Media/misc/localize
For you 64bit users out there, you need to instead go to…
C:/Program Files (x86)/Kangurek Kao - Tajemnica wulkanu/Media/misc/localize
Once there, replace lang_psp with the new one you just downloaded. After you do that, load up the game and enjoy!"

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Retro Gaming News: Monster Party

By : Luis Zena

"From what I’ve heard, most people actually really like this game. To be honest, though, I’m not a huge fan. The only thing you do in the game is fight a bunch of bosses in each stage, and there really isn’t much skill involved. Most of the time, it’s impossible to avoid getting hit, so you’ve got to dodge as much as can be managed, and try to conserve your health as much as possible, which really doesn’t seem that fun to me.
There is an overworld, but it’s only there to grind for health, and also, if you’re not careful, lose health, and trust me, you do NOT want to lose health, because you’re going to need as much as you can manage!
I really don’t see the point in there even being an overworld if the game is just about fighting bosses. The only other function of the overworld, from what I remember, was to pick up the dragon pill power-up. If the game were just a boss gauntlet montage, that would have done just fine. Still wouldn’t be my kind of game, but it would have been better. I don’t really see the fun in fighting a bunch of enemies to grind for health… they could have just given you health after each boss. Not to mention going through the door maze… (arrrghhh).
Yeah, I know that this game was technically a port of another game, and they were probably taking the style of the original Monster Party, but I don’t know… I guess it’s just not my cup of tea…
(In truth, though, taking the overworld away would take away a lot of the fun of the game’s humour, because it wouldn’t make any sense to have that dancing boss in a boss gauntlet, among a lot of other things, but most importantly, the entire point of the game; the very creepy, disturbing atmosphere. If that was really what you were going for, then great job! The gameplay could have been better, though, just a suggestion…)
But, hey, if you like this game, don’t listen to me then! You have every right to think that this game is enjoyable! Some people like games with perilous platforming and a linear adventure, others like dungeon exploration like Zelda games, and I guess some also just like to muck around like in Monster Party!
To each their own, I say!"

Game-bit of the day 374: Plants vs Zombies (NDS)

By : Luis Zena
When I saw this title, I didn't think much of the game. The game is actually a lot of fun but I couldn't help notice that a Bellsprout is on the cover of the game. Maybe I've been playing too much Pokemon? 

Retro Gaming News: Nanashi no Game - Me

By : Luis Zena

"This is a complete translation patch for The Nameless Game: Eye aka Nanashi no Game: Me for the NDS.
The Nameless Game: Eye is a sequel to The Nameless Game, which was fan translated in 2011."

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Retro Game of the Week 148: Nintendo's World Cup (NES)

By : Luis Zena
This game was completely chopped when released to the USA. What a cheap way to bring a Kunio game and promote the World Cup of 1990! Shame on you Nintendo. Worst of all, they released one of their earlier versions of the game as it had sequels in Japan. Anyways, the game is a lot of fun. Best of all, the game is four players. It's definitely one of the few games that are four players for the NES. The game has no rules...you'll see what I mean, lets take a look! 

Music is quite good. It somehow goes along with the smashing parade. The sounds are good too. You can definitely feel the punches and super shots. This game is quite hilarious...

The graphics are pretty good. The soccer field looks like a soccer field and the players look how they're supposed to be although they all have the same body size. I don't ask questions but I think that made things easier on these games especially with the limited power of the NES.
The gameplay is amazing! Probably one of the most fun NES soccer games you will ever play. You can punch and kick your opponents till they're unconscious on the floor. You won't even get a yellow card, now that's totally awesome. Also, if you beat them up a lot, they'll get mad and go after you. Watch out! The game also comes with super kicks which makes scoring a lot easier than you think but beware as your opponent can also convert them. Fun days...
The game is great to play with friends or against the computer. Imagine a 4 on 4 match? It's possible! Definitely a game you can pick up and play at any moment. 
This is an awesome game you can play with anyone at any time. Playing one player is fun too but the multiplayer makes this game shine. Just be careful not to beat up your friends too much although that would be a great way to get them back at whatever you're upset about. Till next week! 

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