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Finds 922: Silent Hill HD Collection, Saint, and Miracle Warriors!

By : Luis Zena
These are odd additions but interesting overall. Who wouldn't want to have the Silent Hill games in their collection you know? Saint is a very interesting shoot 'em up that's borderline decent, and Miracle Warriors is another RPG for the Sega Master System. Gotta love it! 

Game-bit of the day 518: Game Genie (NES)

By : Luis Zena

This is the ultimate cheating device for your NES! Actually, being a pro gamer is the ultimate cheating device but anyways, this is the Game Genie. If you had a game that was too tough to beat, this was the answer! Nintendo never liked this idea but too bad! 

Finds 921: Atari is here!

By : Luis Zena

This is a real gem to find in the wild. It's a boxed Atari Jr and it works flawlessly. Now I need to find some really good gems for it because the console itself is surrounded by crappy games. 

Game-bit of the day 517: Manuals

By : Luis Zena

So manuals are always an important part of collecting and games nowadays for the most part don't even bother including manuals with their games. It's sad, because eventually everything will be digital. Enjoy physical games while you can! 

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