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Ads from the Past 431: Double Pack Splatterhouse and Zombie Game

By : Luis Zena

I can't quite remember the name of the other title but Splatterhouse is definitely one I remember. It's a classic after all. The other game is also quite good but I somehow can't remember it. If you know, let me know! 

DOS Labels Volume 006: Duke Nukem 2, Duke Nukum, Ack! Man, Zaxxon, Zoom!, Xeno 2, and Ys

By : Luis Zena
This is a pretty neat set of games. They're only seven of them this time around because of my Gobman reprint. Check out the games list:

Gobman (Again)
Duke Nukem 2
Duke Nukum Episode 2
Ack! Man
Xeno 2

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Ads from the Past 430: Ondyne (PC Engine)

By : Luis Zena
This is a very fun shoot 'em up that was released for both the PC Engine and Turbo Grafx. I'm actually surprised this was release in the USA because of the lack of games in the Grafx library. Nevertheless, this is a fun game regardless which console you play it on. Shoot 'em up cutesy fun! 

Retro Game of the Week 163: Gun Smoke (Arcade)

By : Luis Zena
If you want a challenge, Gun Smoke is definitely the game for you. Starting the game, you will realize that you will have to spam three main buttons in order to defeat all the bad guys around you. One button shoots to the left, the other to the middle, and the other one to the right. You also have to move along and dodge bullets because one shot and you're dead unless you're on a horse, then your horse can take the shots. The game can get insanely difficult insanely quick! It'll take lots of practice in order to get far in the game. I believe there are ten stages but I could be wrong. I've only managed to make it to the second stage. I shall keep practicing! 

DOS Labels Volume 004: Math Rescue, Word Rescue, Wolfenstein 3D, and Others

By : Luis Zena
Here is the fourth entry of the labels for DOS games. These are based on the following games:
Clyde's Adventure
2400 A.D.
Crazy Cars III
Math Rescue Episode 1
Word Rescue Episode 1
Wolfenstein 3D
Prince of Persia

Below are the labels themselves. Remember to print them as is in order to get the right size even if it says the printer will cut off part of the page, it's fine as it'll only cut a bit of the border. 

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Manual Monday 037: Takahashi Meijin no Shin Bōken Jima (PC-Engine)

By : Luis Zena
Here is this week's manual. It's none other than Takahashi Meijin no Shin Bōken Jima for the PC-Engine. It's known as New Adventure Island here in the States. The game is a lot of fun and it's pretty much a remake of the first entry with some added twists. Need to see the manual? Just click here for PDF download of check the pics below!

DOS Labels Volume 003: Alien Carnage, Jetpack, Turtles, Aldo, Catacomb Abyss, and Oregon Trail

By : Luis Zena
The third wave is here! Be sure to check out the previous waves in the labels section in the article tab or just click here. This time, we have some odd games such as TMNT 1 and 2 and Aldo's Adventure. The rest are somewhat known especially with the other Keen game and Alien Carnage. Of course, you can see Oregon Trail in there and Catacomb Abyss 3D. We are digging into some odd territory now. 

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Retro Game of the Week 162: Snow Bros (Arcade)

By : Luis Zena
This week, we have a very addictive game called Snow Bros. This game was also released in other consoles but we are going to focus on the arcade release. The game gets quite challenging and definitely a fun two player game. So, the thing is, in order to get far in this game you must get the power ups which come in potions. Get all of them in order to move faster, shoot further, and shoot stronger. These are crucial but not necessary if you want to get further in the game or just want a high score. There is a boss every ten stages so be ready. The easiest way to get the potions is to make combo kills of your enemies so you will definitely need to master them in order to power up as fast as possible. Shoot them bad guys, turn them into snow balls and rack up some amazing points. You'll have lots of fun!

Video Game Ads Section Overhaul

By : Luis Zena
So after hours of work, The Video Game Ads section has been fixed. Everything has been organized and it will be easier to access. I will also be adding all the latest ads that have been released during the past months into the archives. This will help keep everything in better order and much more organized. Also, it's definitely going to help the blog grow so it can become a very useful place for ads. Definitely check it out by clicking here or click on the top right tab respectively. 

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Finds 1134: Neutopia and Neutopia 2!

By : Luis Zena
Here are a couple of awesome games for the PC Engine. Neutopia and Neutopia 2 are Zelda like RPGs that deserve a playthrough. Both of these were also released in the USA and are quite pricey. Totally worth it. The imports are still playable even if your Japanese understanding is limited. 

Game-bit of the day 909: Alien Carnage (PC)

By : Luis Zena
Alien Carnage is an amazing side scrolling game by Apogee. The point of the game is to save people that are trapped by aliens. You must rescue all of them in order to finish each level. Of course, each episode has a boss fight. Be sure to play this one, it's really that good! 
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Game-bit of the day 908: CD-Man (PC)

By : Luis Zena
CD-Man is the Pac-Man clone of the PC world. It really was the game to go to when you needed to play a clone. There is one more game that needs to be introduced into this category. Perhaps later in the month you'll find out which game it is! 

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Game-bit of the day 907: Oregon Trail (PC)

By : Luis Zena
This is another classic game that needs to be an entry for DOS Month! Oregon Trail has been re-released so many times, it rivals the legends such as Pac-man and Mario Bros. There is even a board game of the classic. I'm impressed but nothing beats the classic. 

DOS Labels Volume 002: Keen, Captain Comic, Aspetra, and Others!

By : Luis Zena
The second wave is here! We go back to the Keen series and bring out the first three episodes. Captain Comic is also here with his two adventures. Crystal Caves and Secret Agent are also a set of awesome side scrollers. Finally, an RPG by the name of Aspetra is here! Remember, print them without constricting the size or else they might not print out the right size! 

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Manual Monday 036: Curse (Mega Drive)

By : Luis Zena
Manual Monday is back and this time, every manual being released every week will be scanned and added to the manual archives. Lets get that collection of manuals growing. This week, we have a shoot 'em up that was only released in Japan. It's called Cursed and it's just beautiful! Check it out!
The scans are below or you can click here to download the pdf of the manual.

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