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Retro Game of the Week 118: Bloody Wolf (TG-16)

By : Luis Zena
A very awesome game for the Turbo-grafx is none other than Bloody Wolf. I guess you can refer this one as the Contra of the Turbo-grafx. The game plays well and has a very interesting story, save the president. Obviously not the current president we have right now, you can let that fuck die. Uh oh! lets get back to the game. Bloody Wolf can be played with two players. The game also gives you infinite continues which is great because you are going to die a lot! Lets take a peek at this gem.

The game does have very decent music. It's not an amazing set of music and sound effects, but it does the trick. You do feel like you are in a battle field and not a game show. The sound is also pretty good. It's precise and doesn't try to do too much. It's just right!
Graphically the game is decent as well. I like the animation of the enemies dying as well as the blood! Yes, this game has blood and you didn't even needed some code to unlock it. It really isn't much blood but still. I like it. The game doesn't disappoint in that department. Overall, it's a very detailed game and you will not get lost in it. There are houses to go into and get items and what not. Although, I have to say, some houses have an open door but you can't get in there. What's the deal with that? One time, I went running to open door and got shot because it was just part of the background! I wanted to use it as refuge! UGH!
So you can play with a friend and you have infinite continues. The thing is, you will be having problems with this game if you don't get the extra life containers. The problem is, once you lose one life, yes one life, you will lose the extra health therefore increasing the difficulty of the game. In other words, you will have to practice and get good at it. There is no way around it! 

Since it's based on an arcade game, it's a port of the original. The port is well done if you ask me. The game is a tone down version but it does justice to the game. Overall, I would have to say that it's just as satisfying as playing it on the arcade and best of all, no need for quarters. Let me just say this, just when you think the game is over, something else will unfold! You have been warned!
This is a neat little gem for a forgotten 16-bit console. I highly recommend this game though. You want something different and fun? This is it. Have a friend ? Play this game with him/her. The great replay value it holds is more than enough reasons to come back to it. I gotta say, it's a very interesting top-down game. Underrated too!

Finds 1052: Revenge of the Ninja, Alien Syndrome, Rolling Thunder 2, and War of the Dead

By : Luis Zena

A nice set of additions to the collection. I honestly think I'll never get tired of adding stuff to my ever growing collection. This time around, we have Revenge of the Ninja for the Sega CD. It plays as a movie in which you must decide the actions in seconds! Better be fast! Then, we have Alien Syndrome which is a pretty good port of the arcade classic. Rolling Thunder 2 is pretty good and playable! I highly recommend that. Then, War of the Dead is a very neat Sci-fi style game for the PC-engine. You can play it with limited knowledge of the Japanese language so I recommend it as well. Lets see what else is coming! 

Finds 1051: Pandemonium, Luigi Ghost House Story, and The Krion Conquest

By : Luis Zena
Some new additions to the collection. They are pretty neat titles overall. The Pandemonium is actually a very fun 2.5D platformer. It was cheap and everyone should enjoy the silliness of it. The other two are Famicom carts with fun games inside! 

Retro Game of the Week 115: Prince of Persia (Sega CD)

By : Luis Zena
This is a very interesting port that added a little bit of charm to the game. Prince of Persia has one kick ass cover and crazy good gameplay. This is the first game in the series and probably one of the most memorable ones to me. The game starts you off in a prison cell in which you escape from. The cool thing about the Sega CD version is that it actually comes with a voice and video intro of the game. It pretty much tells you everything that happens and why. Even though the voices are cheesy, it's quite cool! Lets take a look at the game! 
So the music of the game is actually pretty good. You know why? Because it's CD quality. The sound also doesn't disappoint. I also love the sound effects of when you either drink a potion or defeat an enemy. It just brings back that early 90s classic tune style that's just satisfying to the ear. Well done!
The game looks great and graphics are quite good and detailed for its time. I have to say, the SNES version does look a bit better than this version. Either way, they both have a charm and this one does hold quite well. 
Probably the best part of the game is the gameplay. There was nothing like it and this was a quite satisfying rendition of gameplay. Every step you took was crucial and had to be with care. Any careless move and the prince was done for. I have to say, watching him die at times was pretty funny especially when he screamed. Isn't that just awful? Sorry!
The game is very fun to pick up and play. They only give you one hour to finish the game so you are bound to only play for an hour and then the game is over. It only motivates you to come back for more! This is a very challenging game so believe me, you'll be back for more. 
The Prince made an amazing debut in multiple platforms. It's quite enjoyable to still be able to play and have a good time with this game even after so many years. The series was also revived later on during the early 2000s but we haven't heard much from the Prince since then. This one is a prized game indeed. 

Finds 1050: Congo's Caper and Super V.G.

By : Luis Zena
One game Super VG is a street fighter 2 clone and plays great while the other is the sequel to Joe & Mac, well more of spin off but lots of fun to play. Two solid titles added to the collection. 

Finds 1049: Sega Sign! It Lights UP!

By : Luis Zena
This is a sign I bought from China! It lights up and looks amazing! I gotta say, I'm quite impressed and we shall see how long this will last! I only paid 18 bucks for it so I don't expect much lol.

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