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Game-bit of the day 578: Gameboy Light

By : Luis Zena

Although this may look beat up, I'm sure you can see what the gameboy says. It's the Gameboy Light! Released only in Japan for some reason, the Gameboy light had a backlight for gaming! It was what we wanted for a long time! 

Game-bit of the day 576: Mother 3 (GBA)

By : Luis Zena
This is the game that Nintendo should've brought here. I still don't understand why they didn't! It doesn't matter, we have amazing fans that will translate it and bring it to physical form for us to play! 

Retro Gaming News: Streets of Rage 2: Simpsons Edition

By : Luis Zena
This is a very hilarious hack that I'm definitely going to try out for the Genesis. It changes the characters of the game into Simpson characters. They use the sprites of the Arcade game which is perfect for this mod. Definitely check it out! 

"The Simpsons characters in Streets of Rage 2."

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