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New Pokemon Go Update has People Nicknaming Their Pokemon "Dick" A Lot!

By : Luis Zena
A new Pokemon update surfaced earlier this week that had everyone laughing till the joke lost its taste. Apparently, now you can appraise your Pokemon by your leader. If the Pokemon has a nickname well, just look at the photo below...

There you have it! Of course, you can do it with a weak Pokemon to get the small dick joke! It got so used up that it's now stupid if anyone even posts about it on the web. It's a joke that's died awfully fast. Anyways, there was also a fix of the HP meter when fainting and that's that. That's the Pokemon fix for this week~! 

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Pokemon Go Hub Releases Spawn Rate Chart!

By : Luis Zena

This is a very interesting chart by Pokemon HUB which took info from 100 million data points from Poke Radar's “prediction algorithm dataset.” . This information all turned out a chart with different percentages and times in which each Pokemon will appear. All in all, is a very interesting chart that could help you find the missing Pokemon in your Pokedex. Of course, Pokemon like the legendaries and Ditto aren't there yet since they can't be obtained in the game but the rest of them are there. Be sure to check out the chart here and find out the percentage of spawn for a Pokemon you are on the look out for. Incredibly, Pidgeys are more common than Rattatas and Pokemon like Charizard are very rare to find! This explains a lot! 

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Cuphead - an Insane 1930's Style Adventure!

By : Luis Zena
 This is something else! A video game with a early 1900s feel is something you don't see every day. The animation is just incredible! It looks like you are in a cartoon from the beginning of the 20th century. The game plays as a sidecroller shoot 'em up and it's definitely challenging. It might take you sometime but you will get used to the whole animation style. For some reason, the game reminds me of that part in Who Framed Roger Rabbit when they are about to enter the Toon World. I guess because the animation is quite similar. 
 The game has an interesting story. Apparently, the main characters lose a bet with the devil and must repay the bet! What a way to start off an adventure huh? 

Studio MDHR really went through with such a beautiful game. I suggest you check it out if you have an Xbox one, but it's also available for PC. Sorry Nintendo and Playstation fanboys, you'll have to cross the border in order to play this gem. 

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