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Retro Game of the Week 168: Montezuma's Revenge (PC)

By : Luis Zena
A classic of all classics especially because of how many different platforms this one has been in. Montezuma's Revenge combines exploration with side scrolling that has kept in memories of gamers for decades now. It's an early  game that was released on PC and various other consoles. The main purpose is to jump around and be careful with the various monsters and obstacles you are given. Remember, they are ruins so be careful! Game on! Be sure to get this for pretty much any console out there. 

DOS Labels Volume 011: UGH!, Trojan, Trog, Treasure Trap, Ultris, Ulises, Ultima V, and Tube

By : Luis Zena
 Here is yet another set of games. We go back to Ultima V after taking care of part four some issues ago. Ultris and UGH! are some memorable games. Ulises is pretty neat. Trojan , Trog, Tube, and Treasure Trap look interesting.

Ultima V 
Treasure Trap
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Retro Game of the Week 167: Castle of the Winds (PC)

By : Luis Zena

This is a really old school RPG. Now, it's quite basic and primitive, but fun once you get the gist of it. So you start of with your hero and you can do use the different attributes to edit him to your liking and venture of. This game feels more like a windows based game even though it's only for Windows 3.1 and 95. I love the basic idea of it. You visit caves, fight monsters, and find treasure. Care to explore more? Check it out! 

Game-bit of the day 918: Zeliard (PC)

By : Luis Zena
Here is a game that plays a lot like Ys and Zelda 2. It's really sad that games like these don't get remembered much. This one is quite good and has beautiful graphics and amazing sound. I'm going to have to mention it and even stream it. Long live the classics ! 

Game-bit of the day 917: Amberstar (PC)

By : Luis Zena
An European game (German to be exact) That has barely been mentioned anywhere. Talk about obscure. Perhaps I can do a stream of this one sometime. I do have the technology for that, but further testing must be done! 

DOS Labels Volume 010: Mario & Luigi, Keen Dreams, Wizardry, Vixen, Vinyl, Ultimate Domain, Wibarm, and Wizard Warz

By : Luis Zena
Another set of beautiful DOS games. This has a bunch of awesome games including Mario & Luigi and Commander Keen Keen Dreams! There are also some interesting games like Wizardry and Wizard Warz! Some beautiful ladies as well in Vixen and Vinyl. 
Mario & Luigi
Ultimate Domain
Wizard Warz
Keen Dreams

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Game-bit of the day 916: Robo Aleste (Sega CD)

By : Luis Zena
I had to stop the DOS streak to introduce this wonderful gem. It's none other than Robo Aleste. This game is a gem of gems and one addition to my collection that I won't forget. Have you ever heard of this game? No? Well, google it! 

Game-bit of the day 915: Gobman (PC)

By : Luis Zena
This is a pretty awesome Pac-man clone that i used to play in school like crazy. As a matter of fact, I put this game on a floppy disc and gave it to everyone in the class till they caught me. Oh well! GOBMAN FTW! 

Finds 1139: Duke Nukem Land of the Babes, Over Horizon, Chrono Trigger, Mickey Mouse 3, and Mystery Game!

By : Luis Zena
Here are some sweet additions. Nothing really crazy except some repros like Over Horizon, Chrono Trigger, Mickey Mouse III, and a mystery game! Duke Nukem Land of the Babes I found at a thrift store. It's a sub-par Duke game but still an addition to the collection. Gotta keep them coming! 

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