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Retro Gaming News: Yoshi's Island (SMA 3) Colour Restoration

By : Luis Zena

"Before the release of the GBA SP, several games were given a brighter palette to accommodate for the lack of an unlit screen for the original AGB-101 model.
This hack restores the colour palette of Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island to match its SNES counterpart. The palettes were taken directly from the SNES ROM of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.
The package includes patches for both the USA version and the European version.*
  • European patch made by mangaman3000."

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Ads from the past 302: X-men Handheld

By : Luis Zena

Handhelds were quite popular back in the 90s and late 80s. With the release of the Gameboy, others wanted part of the handheld market. This was one of the many handhelds released by Tiger. It was fun but only to a point. I rather have a copy of X-men on my Gameboy any day. 

Retro Gaming News: Last Armageddon

By : Luis Zena

"Here is a very small translation of what was able to be accessed without advanced knowledge of compression involved. A few spots on the over-world have been translated and most of the menu screen has been done. This way if someone wanted to try the game, they can navigate a little easier in the menus.
Unfortunately this project will not go on further due to compression and being unable to insert English lettering into the ROM for some of the areas. If someone wishes to use this patch to further this translation, feel free to."

Retro Gaming News: Alex Kidd in Radaxian Rumble

By : Luis Zena

"This is a hack of Alex Kidd in Miracle World made using KiddEd, aiming to provide new challenges for fans of the original, give the game a bit of an audiovisual update, as well as make parts of the original game flow a bit better. Most levels build on the ones in the original game, but there are some completely new ones as well.
Version 1.03d features longer and more varied levels, more sprite and music edits, and more uses of triggers to create new puzzles. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you liked the previous demo (1.02e) at all.
The story of the game is currently placeholder and will tie into a second episode at a later date.
I recommend using KiddEd to patch the game, but Lunar IPS should also work. The game has been fully tested in Emukon, but should work in Meka as well. It should also work on an Everdrive and has been completed that way by at least one person."

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