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Game-bit of the day 886: Super Darius (PC Engine)

By : Luis Zena
This is a very decent port of the arcade game. Was this an arcade game to begin with? I know I've played Darius on the arcade but not sure which one. Oh well, lets just say it is. It's a classic shoot 'em up and one of the good ones so play it now! 

Finds 1124: Getting Lost Again and Finding Loot! Random Pick Ups!

By : Luis Zena
So after school, I drove around and got lost thinking I knew the way home. As I was putting on google maps to get home, I saw a couple of thrift stores so decided to stop by and found some interesting loot! The keyboard was cool! Best of all, everything was a dollar a piece! The owner also took down my info and will call me when she gets more. Gotta love it! LOCAL LOOT! 
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Game-bit of the day 885: Shin Megami Tensei (PC Engine)

By : Luis Zena
This is a pretty awesome artwork of one of my favorite series ever! Shin Megami Tensei is dark and beautiful full of mythical creatures and amazing tough gameplay. This game is not for the faint at heart. Beware! 

Ads from the Past 421: Toys r Us Flyer "You'll never outgrow us"

By : Luis Zena
With the recent decision of every Toys r Us closing their doors, we are putting another end to another place we remembered from our childhood. You know, I believe that this will keep happening as we are moving more into the digital age in which we will not need to go to places to purchases items. What's next? Virtual Reality Shopping? 

Finds 1123: Back to Windows 95, Vintage Laptop Pick Up!

By : Luis Zena
So here is a beautiful Laptop I got locally. It was given to me sold as is but the lady said it worked and thank god it did! It came with Windows 95 but the floppy drive is busted. I'm looking for a replacement so I can add an array of DOS game magic in them ^_^
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Finds 1121: Hori Arcade Stick, Atari Floppy Drive, and Colecovision !

By : Luis Zena
This was a pretty good pick up if you ask me. Not only did I get another Atari drive, but I also finally got a Colecovision! Awww yeah!!! Now that's a first for me. I need the games though.... ugh! Also, a Hori Arcade Stick that feels orgasmic! I love sticks :p

Ads from the past 420: Super Gameboy Again!

By : Luis Zena
This is another ad for the Super Gameboy for the Super Famicom. The thing cost around 70 USD ! The ad showcases the gameboy going to the accessory. Pretty straight forward and not confusing at all. 

Game-bit of the day 881: Gambare Daiku No Gensan (SFC)

By : Luis Zena
This is a pretty awesome side scroller. It was also released for the Famicom and Gameboy. It's known as Hammerin Harry and I believe it even had a NES release but only in Europe. Gotta track down that one! 

Finds 1120: Atari 800 and Atari 800XL are mine!

By : Luis Zena
A couple of interesting local pick ups happened and these are the results. I gambled on them but they paid off and with lots of extra goodies. I still need to go back to one of the sellers for more stuff but that won't happen anytime soon. Nevertheless, this is what I got! 

Atari lot came with this Commodore tape player.

Wonderful Joysticks of the good kind to play the games with. 

The 800XL that came with the floppy drive !

The 800 that I picked up for ten bucks! It works btw! 

50+ diskettes that I need to go through and try out. There is one that say nude poker. I gotta try that one first! 

Famicom Blues Part II: Gaming Cabinets

By : Luis Zena

As I was totally blown away by the graphics of such games in the arcades, I was curious as what they would play at home. I didn't have a NES at the time, but heading to arcades was probably the most memorable time of my youth. There was one arcade in particular that I remembered going to which was called "Bam Bam" with the popular Flintstones character next to the name. That place was a magical world of gaming. That's one of the first places I was able to play such games as Xmen, TMNT, and Gijoe. I even remember playing against tourists as they were trying to work as a team. One would tell me to not use the missiles in Gijoe and to save them for the boss, but my finger would slip and I would just use them all up, then die at the boss fight. I probably should've listened to him. Either way, I had so much fun as those were the days that arcades were still outdoing the home console market, of course, that's not the case nowadays. 

The arcade trip would be something that would happen almost every week. But the day finally would come where I would get my own home console.... just not yet. So at school, the conversation would all be about Nintendo, sorry Sega, you didn't exist in my childhood as they weren't popular at all in my country. Speaking of which, they were and are still quite popular in Brazil due to a company called Tectoy which promoted their consoles even to this day, that's a very interesting story. Either way, lunch time was the time to converse and talk about the games and the arcades. My friend Mauricio didn't attended my school so I wouldn't be able to talk to him or even ask him if I could come over. I wanted another round of Double Dragon after all! I did end up making a couple of new friends especially one that I knew since kinder garden, but this was the first grade and things were getting serious. Yes, we did not have any console wars of any kind around here, everything was Nintendo and the rumors about a new console coming out. I was just thinking, "Man, I don't even have the NES and a new one is already rumored? I'm behind!" but those were just rumors. Even the magazines released at the time didn't have any information about it and believe me, that was the only way to get information back in the day. There was no such thing as the internet for the public. 

After speculating and talking and trading tips on certain games, there was nothing more to be said and done. Back home where I would dream of Nintendo and hope I would get a trip the arcade. The faithful day of getting a video game console ought to be coming right? One sure hoped so. In the meantime, I was off to visit my friend once again and play his two games. So while playing, he mentioned something called "cabinas de juegos" which translated to gaming cabinets which is a place where you would play video games for the amount of time you paid. Lets say, there is a NES there with certain games, well, you would pay for an hour of gaming and could pick different games to play. Think of it as renting a spot to game on. This was extremely popular during those days and I believe there are some left back in my home country. So we decided to split the bill and go game! This was definitely going to open my mind into other video games and I just couldn't wait to get there...except...

Finds 1119: James Pond 3, Mysterious Song, and River City Rival Showdown

By : Luis Zena
Some arrivals in the mail. James Pond 3 is average at best and gets a lot of hate. Myserious Song is an RPG for the Turbo Grafx that is actually a new game for the console. Yes, games are still being released whether you like it or not! Also, River City Rival Showdown is just another wonderful Kunio game. I still need to track down the other one. This one comes with a keychain lol 

Ads from the past 418: Family Basic

By : Luis Zena
So here is a little interesting accessory. Just as other companies such as Atari and Commodore were releasing their consoles with keyboards and able to run discs, Nintendo released this accessory called Family basic which in some way let you code your own stuff. It's a lot of fun but limited at the same time. Totally worth a shot though! 

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