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Finds 1215: Final Zone II for TurboGrafx

By : famicomfreak
This is a game I've been hearing a lot from because it's just hilarious all around. I'm wondering what happened to the voice actors of this gem! I highly recommend it as it's a decent game and the dub voices put it over the top!

Finds 1214: Rabi Ribi and Dragon's Lair Trilogy !

By : famicomfreak
Two really awesome releases from Limited Run Games. I already have the Dragon's Lair Trilogy on the Nintendo Wii but I gave in to this one as well. I used to play this game so much at the arcade and would lose right away, that's one thing that I will never forget. The other game is just cute, so yeah it's an instant buy! 

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Finds 1213: Limited Run Releases, Late Shift, Defender's Quest, Mages, and Phantom Breakers!

By : famicomfreak

A nice lot of Limited Run Games is here! I don't usually collect much of them anymore as the company has been releasing way too many of them so it's kind of not that limited anymore, at least that's my opinion. I do appreciate the fact that so many games are getting physical releases which is more important since some of them will not be around the online stores forever, but yeah way too many of them. I have gradually only stuck to the ones that I'm actually going to play at some point. 

Finds 1212: Apple Keyboard and Others

By : famicomfreak

Here is an interesting pick up loot! Don't mind the games, they are just some really kewl Wii games such as Zelda and Fable but I was lucky enough to find one of the nicer Apple keyboards which I'm currently typing with. Not only that, I also found a sealed CDR set as well as a GBA SP which I haven't picked up in a while. Overall, I was very pleased with this hunt. Lots of stuff I can trade or sell. 

Happy Belated New Year

By : famicomfreak

It sucks that I've been so busy that I haven't been able to post as much as I used to but I am still working on a busy life. It's just really hard nowadays but I know I have to make the efforts especially because I'm still collecting and learning more and more about retro games. I do want to make some videos for the Youtube channel that just feels abandoned and other stuff which will come in time. I will be posting lots of finds and other stuff on here so it'll add to the whole experience of a retro gaming blog. I have been doing this since 2007 so let's continue! 
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