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TMNT Movie Turtles are Epic!

By : famicomfreak
These are pretty awesome turtles, just awesome. I am so glad I was able to preorder them and get a set for my display. I am definitely getting way too many turtles! The set was Gamestop exclusive and quite tough to find. Preordering definitely helped but I hope they get re-released so that the people that missed out will get a taste of their beauty!

Yu-gi-oh! Finds 022: Ancient Gear Fusion is an Amazing Card~!

By : famicomfreak
This is an amazing card that I've been wanting to add to my Ancient Gear deck for a while. I am so glad I got the set in time before the prices doubled! Why did they doubled? Because of a Link Monster being released for them. Pretty awesome though, I'm glad the archetype is still getting some support. The deck is a lot of fun!

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