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Finds 1211: Toki Retrollector Edition

By : famicomfreak
I remember Toki for the Genesis and to know that there was a remake of some sort being released, well, it was totally worth the pick up! This is the Retrollector edition which comes with tons of goodies! 

Finds 1210: Kikikaikai & Gunvolt Striker Pack

By : famicomfreak
Kikikaikai for the PC Engine is a very hard game, reminds me a lot of the SNES version just not as expensive even though it's still kinda expensive. Gunvolt Striker Pack is a set of two games in one. i thought it was very appealing and hey two for the price of one. 

Finds 1209: Nintendo Switch Galore! Four Titles!

By : famicomfreak
Here are four titles for the Nintendo Switch. I've been wanting to add more to the Switch since I first got it and I think these will do! Gotta take advantage of the deals! Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, Cave Story, Penny Punching Princess, and Monster Boy!

Finds 1208: Red Alert and Sherlock Homes as Gift!

By : famicomfreak
Two games in one post! This is a funny story, the seller took a little longer to ship Red Alert so he included Sherlock Homes as a gift for being sent out late. You bet I gave him five stars and will definitely buy from him again! Sellers like these are rare! 

Finds 1207: Ys 1 & 2 for the Turbografx CD

By : famicomfreak

This is an essential game to have for the Turbografx CD and believe me, there aren't that many games for the CD add-on in the USA but if you are going to get some, this is one of the games you should definitely pick up. Try getting part 3 next although it's a little pricey!

Bootleg Turtles Acquired~!

By : famicomfreak
So that small set of wacky looking turtles is a set in which I totally forgot about till I did a search for bootleg turtles on eBay. I remember having the bootleg Leonardo and destroying the action figure in a matter of a week. Yes, they are quite fragile so can't really play war with them. So, going back to eBay I saw a seller selling the whole set which I jumped one. Apparently, he has a lot of sets of them so if you are looking for them, just search Heroes of the World Fighter and you'll see them show up!

Finds 1206: Gradius 2 for the PC Engine Super CD

By : famicomfreak
Now that I have a PC Engine with CD I can play all these games that came out for it. There are tons of them so I will be adding them little by little to the collection especially some of my favorite ones like Gradius 2. I played this one for the Famicom and totally loved it! This version is just as good except with a more arcade feel and CD quality music of course. 

Finds 1205: Dracula X PCE Works, Psikyo Vol 2, and Others

By : famicomfreak
More Limited Run releases as well as Mercs for the Sega Master System. I think Mercs is a decent port although I've played the Genesis version which is superior. Psikyo Volume 2 puts another set of wonderful games into the Switch. Finally, PCE Works released a very special edition of Dracula X for the PC Engine/ Turbo Grafx CD with both Japanese and English version of the game as well as some extras! 

Finds 1204: Fighting Street and Salt and Sanctuary

By : famicomfreak

I had to get Fighting Street because it was mainly a must have for the funny voice acting. The gameplay is just horrible but hey this is the original Street Fighter and one of the few ways to play it on a console, if anything, the only way other than in old PCs. Salt and Sanctuary is another one of those nifty Limited Run releases. They are always releasing lots of unique games. 

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