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Pokemon Shield & Sword Announced!

By : famicomfreak

A little late on the news but better late than ever. A new set of games have been announced for the series and they are being released by the holiday season of this year on the Nintendo Switch. We are quite excited for this! More info to come as it's being released to the public! 

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Finds 1198: Slain Back from Hell for PS4, Unique Game !

By : famicomfreak
Here is a very interesting game which I was introduced thanks to Game Sack. I had no choice but to import it from Europe. It will probably be a long time before I can get around to try it out. Maybe when PS5 is out.... who knows...

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Finds 1197: Saturday Morning RPG, Antiquia Lost, and Cosmic Star Heroine

By : famicomfreak
Here are some limited run releases! Saturday Morning RPG was one that eluded me when it was released for PS4 years ago by Limited Run Games. Not this time around, although it would've been great to have the collector's edition but funds won't allow that. Regardless what it is, I am glad to have it for the Switch! I also picked up a couple of other games like Antiquia Lost and Cosmic Star Heroine. Check them out and find them if you can as they are unique games.

Finds 1196: Big Trouble in Little China and Others

By : famicomfreak
Here are some random additions. The movie is not game related but an addition I've been told I must add to my movie collection which is not that big at all. Maybe I'll start a VHS collection soon enough. I also got two PC compilations of games. Nothing crazy.... 

Finds 1195: Psikyo Collection Vol 1 for Nintendo Switch

By : famicomfreak
A new finding arrived but what is it? It's a collection of Shoot 'em ups for the Nintendo Switch. It's very unique and unfortunately hasn't been released here in the States. Nevertheless, this is why we import. In this collection you have the following games:
SOL Divide
Samurai Aces

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