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Finds 1203: Prince of Persia for Turbografx and Super System Card

By : Luis Zena
Here is a pretty awesome game with a hilarious cut-scene. Prince of Persia is a classic game that introduced a very precise type of gameplay which made it extremely replayable. Of course, it needed the Super System Card in order to play on the console. It's one of the many additions that are coming in the future. 

Finds 1202: Enter PC Engine Duo, an Exquisite Console!

By : Luis Zena
I finally got this console. It's one that I've been wanting for a long time. This is the PC Engine Duo and one of the best features of it was that it was modded to play Turbografx cards. It also plays Turbografx CD games without the need for a region lock. This is an all in one console! I have lots of games coming and I already got some goodies coming. This is another step in having a decent collection. 

Finds 1201: Prince of Persia 3D, Bastion, PC Engine disc and card, and Exile from Limited Run Games!

By : Luis Zena
Got some stuff at my new home. Prince of Persia 3D is a very interesting title that didn't got any love and I honestly can see why. I also got some PC engine CD and Card. Finally, some PS4 limited run games! They are definitely unique! 

Finds 1200: Loot is always coming! LOOT!

By : Luis Zena
Here is a very neat lot of stuff. Like, it's just a little bit of everything. Some Wii games and Some PS3 games. It's always great when you run into all of these things. More stuff to come! Lets get back to work! 

I Moved and Here is My View

By : Luis Zena

This is the view I wake up to every day. I definitely tried to set it up in a way that it'll feel more welcoming. There is still a lot of work left to do so my home is a work in progress.

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Finds 1199: Spanish Magazines are just Epic!

By : Luis Zena
Here are some awesome magazines given to me by a friend that ended up moving away. They are in Spanish and have all these funny remarks with the translation. Totally worth a read through. This is how we got our cheat codes back in the day. 

Pokemon Shield & Sword Announced!

By : Luis Zena

A little late on the news but better late than ever. A new set of games have been announced for the series and they are being released by the holiday season of this year on the Nintendo Switch. We are quite excited for this! More info to come as it's being released to the public! 

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Finds 1198: Slain Back from Hell for PS4, Unique Game !

By : Luis Zena
Here is a very interesting game which I was introduced thanks to Game Sack. I had no choice but to import it from Europe. It will probably be a long time before I can get around to try it out. Maybe when PS5 is out.... who knows...

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Finds 1197: Saturday Morning RPG, Antiquia Lost, and Cosmic Star Heroine

By : Luis Zena
Here are some limited run releases! Saturday Morning RPG was one that eluded me when it was released for PS4 years ago by Limited Run Games. Not this time around, although it would've been great to have the collector's edition but funds won't allow that. Regardless what it is, I am glad to have it for the Switch! I also picked up a couple of other games like Antiquia Lost and Cosmic Star Heroine. Check them out and find them if you can as they are unique games.

Finds 1196: Big Trouble in Little China and Others

By : Luis Zena
Here are some random additions. The movie is not game related but an addition I've been told I must add to my movie collection which is not that big at all. Maybe I'll start a VHS collection soon enough. I also got two PC compilations of games. Nothing crazy.... 

Finds 1195: Psikyo Collection Vol 1 for Nintendo Switch

By : Luis Zena
A new finding arrived but what is it? It's a collection of Shoot 'em ups for the Nintendo Switch. It's very unique and unfortunately hasn't been released here in the States. Nevertheless, this is why we import. In this collection you have the following games:
SOL Divide
Samurai Aces

Some More WIP

By : Luis Zena

So to keep updated with what I have been working on is just more work and more assignments. I have been brainstorming new ideas on what to do about this blog. It's a pretty old blog so maybe shut it down and archive it? Then again, there is still a lot left to do about retro gaming and my collecting days aren't over anytime soon. I will have to figure something out! Game on!

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A Little WIP

By : Luis Zena

So I am still unpacking and in the process of improving my living quarters. What does that mean? It means that I am still working on my office and room. I should be done in about a week and can settle everything into place and work on the many new projects I have. 
Some of the things to look forward to:
New Reviews
New Videos
All new series of posts!
All new archives!
And more! 
Send ideas as well! 

I have also been working on labels for my Etsy shop. Lets get that rolling too!
Check it out!

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New Projects on the Horizon

By : Luis Zena

I just wanted to update you guys the few of you that still visit this blog that I am still working on moving into my new home. Things are quite difficult and slow pace so it'll take a little longer to get settled in. I am almost done with my room and some other home projects so after that, it's time for the office. That's where I'll be doing all of my blogging work and new photography and drawing projects. I can't wait but with a full time job, a part time job, and school there will be some time before I can get back to normal. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year 2019

By : Luis Zena

Don't think that this blog is dead by any means! I've just been busy with a move and lots of responsibilities! Lots of new responsibilities. Anyways, I do have a lot of work to do on here and with the upcoming semester and work and other stuff I just will have to find a way to fit it all in! Lets do this! To a more active new year! 

I do want to apologize that I missed all the holidays and what not. All the usual posts will be coming back in the coming month. Back on track I say! 

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