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My Gaming Area

By : famicomfreak
Just wanted to show the current state of the area where I pretty much play everything. Can you spot every single console? There are some that are hidden but can be seen if you try hard enough. Anyways, I'll update this once in a while!

Game-bit of the day 973: Resident Evil (PS1)

By : famicomfreak
Here is the first Resident Evil in its classic cover art. If you haven't noticed yet, this is a bootleg and was found at a thrift store some months ago. The game only plays on modded consoles, but it's exactly the same game. Definitely check this one out. it's a classic. 

Game-bit of the day 972: Road Rash (PS1)

By : famicomfreak
This is another fun game for the 32-bit console. This is the bootleg version I found in a thrift store. It's a lot of fun nonetheless. I think the series got it right on the first try as the sequels after it never lived up to the original. That's usually the case in some video game franchises. 

Movie TMNT Action Figures Set Only at Gamestop!

By : famicomfreak
So Gamestop recently released the pre-order for the movie turtles that NECA released in very limited amounts. I have my set pre-ordered already but would like to give a heads up that you can get the set even cheaper if you buy them all at once. I might just cancel my pre-order and get this set again! I'll be saving money! Then again, I might get lazy and not. Anyways, this is a great chance to get these high quality turtles. A beautiful set indeed. Click here for pre-order

Playstation Mini is Announced, but is it Worth the Money?

By : famicomfreak
With the recent announcement of the Playstation mini, I have to say I'm a little bit disappointed with the line up of games so far. I'm even more disappointed with the price tag. I must say, paying 80 like the NES and SNES minis was already pushing it, but 100 dollars for a mini console and we don't even know the entire game line up. I mean, if it's only the 20 or so games, then that's really a shame because it should carry a higher amount of games. If it were around 40-50 games, then I would be really happy to pick it up. Come on, give us more content! I'm sure it's not that hard especially for games that are owned by Sony themselves. I'm not sure as to how to feel about this, but I must say we will have to wait to see if this mini console is worth the money. Be careful with the stupid scalpers!
Also, it doesn't come with an AC adapter... are you serious?

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Bowsette is a Actually a Thing!

By : famicomfreak
So I think we have let things settled down and actually accepted the realism of Bowsette, but how did this all get started? It was quite simple. It's really thanks to Nintendo releasing a demo of a Toadette game in which Toadette picked up a power up in a shape of a crown and turned into a princess peach look a like. This opened the world to other possibilities...endless ones. Therefore the crown became the focus and reason why every single character especially Bowser has been able to transform into a princess. 

Have you caught the Bowsette fever yet?

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Famicom Blues Part III: Cabinas de Juegos

By : famicomfreak
Lets take a look at the popularity of the "Cabinas de Juegos" which translates to Game Cabinets or in other words, a game lan party. This is before the internet but unfortunately, I can't seem to find a photo that will reference to it. It was just very epic and limited to be able to game in one of these places. It was also quite interesting as many homes would offer this as opening a business like this was very common. I wish my family would have done something like this, but I probably would have played video games to death and I was already gaming like a maniac as is. An addict without a cure...

The gaming scene back in the early 90s was quite astonishing. We didn't have the internet and could only find information through magazines and friends. This was the case when it came to the gaming cabins as I'll refer to them. I remember one of the biggest rumors was the Street Fighter 2 Chun Li stage in which you were told you could pick up a rock and throw it at your opponent. It was ridiculous but quite popular. The other one was Sheng Long as a rival in the same game if you did certain things. Here is a photo of the same magazine article which I read about years later of hearing the rumor when I moved to the USA.
Now, that was some good photoshop skills! What was Photoshop, on version 1.0? Something like that. Nevertheless, it was the rumors that kept us gaming even more. What if it were true? What if we were the next to discover something amazing. I didn't have many SNES games when I was a kid (I have around 300 now YIKES!) But that was the reason I would go to the Gaming Cabins in order to experience games I didn't have the funds to afford. Hmm.. I should've gotten a job back then...my collection would've been crazy huge! Anyways, I remember the first time I played Super Mario World for the SNES and was just in awed playing the game and trying to get through the entire game only to run out of time. Finally, after around a month of going to have my hourly game time, I beat the game! It took me so many tries but I was so happy to accomplish it! It was a milestone for me, It was just an awesome game to finish! 

The first NES Game
So, I've been jumping a little ahead to the SNES era, but you gotta know that everything for me started in the NES. Yes, the NES I believe I got around 1989 but I'm not quite sure to be honest, it could've been before that too. I still remember the first day I got it. My parents got me the set with the gun and the power pad. The sheer excitement that I had while opening the box was indescribable. I still remember the scent of the NES like it was yesterday, engraved into my mind as if it just happened. As a matter of fact, around 8 years ago I found a NES which had the same scent, some things just never change. So yes, the NES was epic and I didn't even needed help from my parents to put it together, I figured it out and then we started gaming. My siblings gathered as we started an epic adventure game called Super Mario Bros. You know, now that I think about it, I have no recollection of asking for a NES or talking about the NES before I got one. I probably asked my parents to get me one on their many trips to the States. I just don't remember! 
The NES I'm talking about is this one by the way...
 It looked something like this. Regardless, the introduction to video gaming through the NES will never ever be forgotten! I know it's what got me a blog that I've been running for over a decade which involves everything about video games. I think I'll start going over the seven games I had for the NES. Yes, only seven for the longest time!

To be continue...

Finds 1170: Central Florida Pick Ups! Yes, Soft Head Raphael!

By : famicomfreak
A few stops and some new pick ups. This is what I do! Anyways, I went to a flea market and picked up a bunch of games as well as an action figure. This is soft head Raphael which is like a first edition of the original TMNT action figures. See any games you're familiar with? Enjoy! 

Finds 1169: Play n Trade Loot! It Still Lives!

By : famicomfreak
There is a Play n Trade still alive in Central Florida. Jensen Beach to be exact. I ended up picking up Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 as well as Strike Point for the PS1. Last time I was in this store, I picked up Gaiares for the Genesis for really cheap. Totally worth it! 

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TMNT Family! Check Out All My Sets!

By : famicomfreak
 So I just wanted to add my turtle collection on here. I have been hunting down different sets and have many more to go! Check out below for all my complete sets! 
 Movie Turtles II
 Movie Turtles!
 NECA Turtles
 Nick Turtles!
 1989 Turtles!
 NECA 2016 Arcade Game Turtles
 Lots of Donatellos, he's my favorite.
 Cartoon Turtles!
 Toon Turtles!
Very Cartoony Turtles! 

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