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Posted by : Luis Zena Apr 12, 2018

This week, we have a very addictive game called Snow Bros. This game was also released in other consoles but we are going to focus on the arcade release. The game gets quite challenging and definitely a fun two player game. So, the thing is, in order to get far in this game you must get the power ups which come in potions. Get all of them in order to move faster, shoot further, and shoot stronger. These are crucial but not necessary if you want to get further in the game or just want a high score. There is a boss every ten stages so be ready. The easiest way to get the potions is to make combo kills of your enemies so you will definitely need to master them in order to power up as fast as possible. Shoot them bad guys, turn them into snow balls and rack up some amazing points. You'll have lots of fun!

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