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Posted by : Unknown Feb 20, 2018

So let me start by saying that I didn't have much knowledge about the Famicom until years later after I started collecting. If my memory serves right, it must have been around the holiday season of 2004 in which I decided to buy a lot I had my eyes on eBay. I was so curious as I've played Famicom in the past but in another form. A very interesting form it took down in South America, Peru to be exact where the word Famicom wasn't as known, but more reffered to as Family or Max Play. This is where my love for gaming started to grown with fullfilment and curiosity. 

But lets head back to the past, a long time ago in which I was very young, now that's a really long time. My passion for gaming wasn't as astronomical as it is today, but I did had my love for Nintendo ever since my parents introduced me to the console. I don't even remember if I asked for it or was it my parents who got me the console in one of their many ventures into the States. You gotta realize, I was residing in Peru at this time and was around six years old. That's as much as I remember from the early memories of my gaming life. Other than that, I still remember the first time I played the NES. It was an experience and feeling I will never forget. I will get into that in a little bit because we have to go even further ahead, well maybe not that far. Lets go to at least six or seven months back. I had a neighbor who which had the NES and remember very little of it. I do remember he had short hair but somewhat balding if that makes any sense. He was a good friend nonetheless as he would let me play video games as he had a NES and I did not. The funny thing is that I do remember the games! One of them was Double Dragon, I could get absorbed into that game for hours and hours. I remember I was never able to beat it in one of the many runs we had into the game. We would take turns and see how far we could reach, but alas we would always fail. Furthermore, we would end up playing the two player versus mode which by today's standards is laughable but we had so much fun. I would never understand why we had to use the same player in the versus mode. Today though, I understand that it was just lazy programming. Whether you like it or not, they could've done better especially with such a popular game. You can see another example by the lack of a cooperative two player mode which by the way the Sega Master System had. It was more than obvious that Sega had done this better than Nintendo but you gotta realize, I lived in a country where Nintendo was everything, and Sega was unheard of. I really didn't found out about Sega or other consoles years later and that's just impressive because it shows how powerful Nintendo was in our country. 

The other game my good old friend who's name is Mauricio had was P.O.W. for the NES of course. I still remember trying to beat the first level and never getting far. I always loved the first scene where he's escaping and you have to beat up all the guys around you. Get weapons and what not was the game and survival was the goal. That was another game that I had no idea what I was doing. My experience was minimal but enjoyable overall. I also ended up seeing this game again in the arcade and found out years later that it was an arcade game that got ported to the NES. Of course, sacrifices had to be made to make it run on the 8-bit console. Arcades back then were the shit! It was definitely another world back then...

To be continue....

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