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Posted by : Unknown Aug 25, 2017

 I've been watching a lot of different series in the past month and this one really caught my attention. It's a series about your typical high school students except that for the most part, they're gamers. Can't say I've seen too many series like this so in a way, it's kinda of new to me. 
The series revolves mostly around these five main characters but usually focuses on Amano Keita and Tendou Karen. Tendou is the most attractive girl in school therefore she is looked up to by the rest of the class as she possesses beauty, smarts, among other things. She has to turn boys down every single day! Also, her big secret is that she's the president of a gamers club in the school which is a group of gamers that gather every day after school to well game! Tendou tries to pursue Amano to join the club but fails miserable as Amano only believes that games should be for fun and not to play to win. Apparently, Tendou ends up having a big crush on Amano and keeps trying to talk and hang out with him in order to get close to him. 
 The story then takes interesting turns of events as new characters obviously the main ones come in the story. 
I like the fact that they reference a lot of video game related themes including dating sims and RPGs. It's definitely a good feeling when you can relate to it. As you can see from this photo, the PS4 had to be changed to the PZ4 for obvious reasons. 
One last thing about this series other than the silly video game related humor is the Atlus games that you get to see through it. There were glimpses of the Persona 4 Arena game and I'm sure there will be others in future episodes. I'm glad we get to see some real games in a series like this one. I won't give up any more than I have to about this series as you should probably get to it and give it a go! Definitely one for a gamer. 

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