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Posted by : famicomfreak Aug 23, 2017

Here we have a classic for the PC Engine. Don Doko Don was an arcade game that was ported to the Famicom and PC Engine. Obviously, the PC Engine is the better version that's closest to the arcade mainly because the console is more powerful. Furthermore, the game has a more arcade style feel. Lets take a look at this forgotten franchise from Taito. 

The music is just wonderful. Top notch fun filled tunes and sound effects make this a wonderful game to play especially with a friend. There isn't much to choose from in the sound department, but what is there is amazing. You won't have any problems listening to some Taito magic.
The game looks quite similar to the arcade version. Check this out!
The arcade on the left while the PC Engine is on the right. Both versions are quite similar and that was unheard of back in the day. Of course, nowadays, it's normal but this was something else! 
The game does bring out graphics that are quite detailed and the monster roster is all there as far as I am aware. 

The game shines when it's two players. It's mainly because you can use teamwork to get through the game in the Bubble Bobble style and you know how good that game turned out to be. Furthermore, the game offers a very entertaining score of enemies along with music and weapons. The controllers are tight enough so that you can maneuver through the toughest levels. I gotta say, not bad Taito!

In the end, you are totally missing out if you haven't picked this up. it's a little fun game that can give you tons of replay value due to the fact that it's a port of an arcade game. It's lots of fun with two players, the graphics are quite impressive, and the music and sound are Taito's signature style. The game is getting quite pricey so you should pick it up asap! PC Engine rules! ^_^

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