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Posted by : Luis Zena Aug 10, 2017

Here is a little gem by Data East that a lot of people didn't think was good but it's actually very surprising. Data East didn't release many gems for the console but I believe I found one of them. If you are into side scrolling beat 'em up style games, then look no further. Lets take a look at Two Crude Dudes! 

The game has music and sound effects that are satisfactory. They will definitely do the job and attain the atmosphere of the game but isn't the most memorable music around. The sound effects are not bad either. They won't rip your ears that's for sure. 
The graphics are pretty good on this entry. I love the comic book style graphics and the level design. They are just so amazing! I think they were aiming the right way with this game. The game offers detail and beauty like very few games from that era. It really captured my attention. I'm impressed! 
The gameplay is not bad. It is not the greatest but it could've used some refinement in certain areas especially the way your character reacts for certain taps of the buttons. They must have really focused on the graphics more! Either way, the game does not disappoint and it's still very playable. It's not so hard as to make it unplayable though. With enough practice, you can get through it. 
 So overall, this is a very generic game for the Genesis. It does contain beautiful graphics and a decent soundtrack as well as decent gameplay but that's all it's able to do. The game is decent at best. It's a shame that it could've been something more if Data East would've refine it a little more, but then again, the game would be worth much more nowadays due to it. Games are already worth too much at it is! Till next week! 

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