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Game-bit of the day 801: Ys4 (PC Engine)

By : famicomfreak
The later games were put on the PC Engine as well as the Super Famicom. Sadly, we didn't see them over here except for the first couple of games. You can always import and play them though! They're quite good but you will need some Japanese understanding for them. 

Video Game Related Anime: Gamers!

By : famicomfreak
 I've been watching a lot of different series in the past month and this one really caught my attention. It's a series about your typical high school students except that for the most part, they're gamers. Can't say I've seen too many series like this so in a way, it's kinda of new to me. 
The series revolves mostly around these five main characters but usually focuses on Amano Keita and Tendou Karen. Tendou is the most attractive girl in school therefore she is looked up to by the rest of the class as she possesses beauty, smarts, among other things. She has to turn boys down every single day! Also, her big secret is that she's the president of a gamers club in the school which is a group of gamers that gather every day after school to well game! Tendou tries to pursue Amano to join the club but fails miserable as Amano only believes that games should be for fun and not to play to win. Apparently, Tendou ends up having a big crush on Amano and keeps trying to talk and hang out with him in order to get close to him. 
 The story then takes interesting turns of events as new characters obviously the main ones come in the story. 
I like the fact that they reference a lot of video game related themes including dating sims and RPGs. It's definitely a good feeling when you can relate to it. As you can see from this photo, the PS4 had to be changed to the PZ4 for obvious reasons. 
One last thing about this series other than the silly video game related humor is the Atlus games that you get to see through it. There were glimpses of the Persona 4 Arena game and I'm sure there will be others in future episodes. I'm glad we get to see some real games in a series like this one. I won't give up any more than I have to about this series as you should probably get to it and give it a go! Definitely one for a gamer. 

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Game-bit of the day 798: Ys 2 (Famicom)

By : famicomfreak
This is a pretty awesome game for the Famicom. It was a total change for the series as it turned to a side scrolling adventure but it was still fun. Lets go back to the top down version though! 

Ads from the past 383: Sonic 3 (Genesis)

By : famicomfreak

With the release of Sonic Mania last week, we going to take a look at Sonic advertisements for the next month or so! Lets start with this double page advertisement. It's for Sonic 3 for the Sega Genesis. This just brings back so much nostalgia. This game also introduced Knuckles which ended up being a staple in the future Sonic games. 

Retro Game of the Week 158: Don Doko Don (PC Engine)

By : famicomfreak
Here we have a classic for the PC Engine. Don Doko Don was an arcade game that was ported to the Famicom and PC Engine. Obviously, the PC Engine is the better version that's closest to the arcade mainly because the console is more powerful. Furthermore, the game has a more arcade style feel. Lets take a look at this forgotten franchise from Taito. 

The music is just wonderful. Top notch fun filled tunes and sound effects make this a wonderful game to play especially with a friend. There isn't much to choose from in the sound department, but what is there is amazing. You won't have any problems listening to some Taito magic.
The game looks quite similar to the arcade version. Check this out!
The arcade on the left while the PC Engine is on the right. Both versions are quite similar and that was unheard of back in the day. Of course, nowadays, it's normal but this was something else! 
The game does bring out graphics that are quite detailed and the monster roster is all there as far as I am aware. 

The game shines when it's two players. It's mainly because you can use teamwork to get through the game in the Bubble Bobble style and you know how good that game turned out to be. Furthermore, the game offers a very entertaining score of enemies along with music and weapons. The controllers are tight enough so that you can maneuver through the toughest levels. I gotta say, not bad Taito!

In the end, you are totally missing out if you haven't picked this up. it's a little fun game that can give you tons of replay value due to the fact that it's a port of an arcade game. It's lots of fun with two players, the graphics are quite impressive, and the music and sound are Taito's signature style. The game is getting quite pricey so you should pick it up asap! PC Engine rules! ^_^

SNES Classic Pre-order was a Nightmare! You SUCK NINTENDO!

By : famicomfreak

Things can't get any more ridiculous than this. Have pre-order of something that obviously is wanted by lots of gamers out there in the middle of the night or early morning (5am) and in limited quantities. This is just unacceptable! When will Nintendo learn? But you know what? They have always been doing this even with their consoles. A very cheap way of tactics to make their products gain momentum and keeping the crowd on their toes for them. Overall, they just build up an atmosphere that makes both the casual gamer and hardcore gamer disappointed... I wonder if they are actually thinking? Probably not! The SNES classic is a little nifty gadget with games in them and although we are able to build devices that can have thousands of games (raspberry pi3) We choose to go after this gadget for the nostalgia purposes. Again, Nintendo decides not to make enough or distribute a small amount to hype it up...The more I learn about Nintendo and their history especially with publishers, the more I think Sega was the good guy during the console wars in the 90s. So to conclude, make more fucking SNES classics Nintendo! You morons! 

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Levantera Tale of the Winds Early Access! NES RPG !

By : famicomfreak
A new NES game is being released in their alpha stage for an early look at it. The game is called Levantera Tale of the Winds and it's about pirates! The game plays in a world map as well as 2D platformer style with RPG elements. Isn't that amazing?

You should definitely check it out here. Be sure to send your feedback as well. We love when projects like these come to light and have to do our best to push them to perfection. Explore and discover treasure as well as find your lost crew! This sounds exciting! 

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Game-bit of the day 797: Cho Aniki (Super Famicom)

By : famicomfreak
This is a very unique Super Famicom game that was also released in other consoles. The game is just bizarre because of how crazy it is. I'm still working on getting a Sega Saturn version of the game. I can't wait! Of course, it'll be here when it's mine. 

Finds 1069: Limited Run Games! Drive Drive Drive and Neuro Voider!

By : famicomfreak

I've been keeping up with the releases of these games although I think I will be more picky about them nowadays. Gotta focus on the RPGs and classic platformers ! Either way, welcome to the collection Neuro Voider and Drive! Drive! Drive! 

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