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Posted by : famicomfreak Jul 5, 2017

Rolling Thunder 2 is one of those games that contains the right amount of gameplay to keep you coming back. It's a full action packed platformer in the style of such games as Code Name Viper for the NES and of course the previous game Rolling Thunder. The game plays in a very action packed style in which your fingers have to do a lot of mashing in order to beat the baddies before they take you out. Lets take a look!

Namco did a good job at the sound department of this game. Although the tunes are not all time classics, they do the job for the game. Keeps you coming back and definitely not mute the game altogether. Sound effects are also the Sega Genesis norm and are quite satisfying. I'm impressed.
The game looks beautiful! I gotta say there are some games that look nice but others are just in another level. I love the detail of the levels and the characters including yourself which is quite good. Namco did a good job at this one.
The gameplay is what makes this game stand out from all other departments. This is where the game keeps you coming back for more. Each of the stages gives you a choice to go on the top part of the level or lower part of it. You will have to learn how to navigate them in order to move forward through each stage or be able to dodge enemy fire. Don't forget to check the doors for special treats! A challenging game, but one with a good challenge and that's good because you don't want to beat this game in one sitting.
Get the game, that's all I can say! It's a very satisfying experience and totally worth adding to your collection. It's not a crazy priced Nintendo game so you'll be fine. 

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