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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 14, 2017

This is a very interesting port that added a little bit of charm to the game. Prince of Persia has one kick ass cover and crazy good gameplay. This is the first game in the series and probably one of the most memorable ones to me. The game starts you off in a prison cell in which you escape from. The cool thing about the Sega CD version is that it actually comes with a voice and video intro of the game. It pretty much tells you everything that happens and why. Even though the voices are cheesy, it's quite cool! Lets take a look at the game! 
So the music of the game is actually pretty good. You know why? Because it's CD quality. The sound also doesn't disappoint. I also love the sound effects of when you either drink a potion or defeat an enemy. It just brings back that early 90s classic tune style that's just satisfying to the ear. Well done!
The game looks great and graphics are quite good and detailed for its time. I have to say, the SNES version does look a bit better than this version. Either way, they both have a charm and this one does hold quite well. 
Probably the best part of the game is the gameplay. There was nothing like it and this was a quite satisfying rendition of gameplay. Every step you took was crucial and had to be with care. Any careless move and the prince was done for. I have to say, watching him die at times was pretty funny especially when he screamed. Isn't that just awful? Sorry!
The game is very fun to pick up and play. They only give you one hour to finish the game so you are bound to only play for an hour and then the game is over. It only motivates you to come back for more! This is a very challenging game so believe me, you'll be back for more. 
The Prince made an amazing debut in multiple platforms. It's quite enjoyable to still be able to play and have a good time with this game even after so many years. The series was also revived later on during the early 2000s but we haven't heard much from the Prince since then. This one is a prized game indeed. 

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