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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 7, 2017

The Sega CD had its lows but there were some ups as well. You just can't dis an add-on just because they're a pain in the ass to acquire. The technology was very young but it was a very bold move by Sega to come up with such a device. A lot of interesting games came out for the add-on and this is one of the more interesting ones. If you have played games like Dragon's Lair, then this will be something you will enjoy. Revenge of the Ninja sure has a sweet cover art. 
One thing the Sega CD had was a good sound engine, after all they were CDs! A high point for many of these titles and an innovation back in the early 90s. The game doesn't offer the best sound, but what it has including voices, is quite good. 

OK, so the game does offer video throughout the game and even though it's not the best, it was an innovation back then. I truly love the effort that the game puts forth. Just be sure not to get lost in the beautiful early 90s anime and time those buttons well! 
There isn't much of gameplay at all. You pretty much have to play through the story and press the right combination when instructed. Although it may not sound as much, you will enjoy it. You might as well not press anything to see what happens to the hero of the tale. That's entertaining. 
You know, it may sound like you would be going through the same thing over and over, and even though that's right, the story is quite enjoyable so going through it again wouldn't be the worse thing around, and believe me, there are some really bad games with crappy non-existent replay value. 
Revenge of the Ninja is quite an innovative game in which you are going through a story and have to act on pressure in order to advance it. The Sega CD had a couple of more games with the same formula of gameplay and are quite enjoyable. I recommend a pick up and play of this game that has definitely been forgotten by the lot of you. 

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