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Game-bit of the day 772: Rival Schools (PS1)

By : Luis Zena
This is Rival Schools and it's a very fun fighting game. It was released on the arcades and ported to both the PS1 and later on the Dreamcast which had the sequel. Definitely a must have for fighting fans. 

Finds 1034: Arrivals from Japan, Lots of New Additions!

By : Luis Zena
A wonderful lot from Japan just arrived. It took more than a month and another package is still on its way but here is what I got for now. Check out the photos! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!  

Here are some games for the Playstation and Fighters Megamix for the Saturn.  

 The PC Engine CD. AWWWW YEAH!
 Gotta bring up the count of Hue Cards! PC ENGINE!
 I gotta plug in my PC Engine asap! 
 I gotta try all these out! 
Some Famicom, Gameboy, and Game Gear. 

Finds 1032: Free Commodore and Accessories!

By : Luis Zena

Just when you thought there weren't any nice people out there, stuff like this changes your mind. I went to the house of this guy selling the commodore you see on the photo along with the accessories. After chatting and trying out the console, he decided to give them to me for free. It was definitely the nicest thing a stranger has done for me. Free loot!

Finds 1030: Enemy Zero, Star Wars Rebel Assault, Crystalis, and TMNT 3

By : Luis Zena

I finally got Enemy Zero which a seller was holding for me for almost six months. It's insane how I ended up with this game as other people came across it but didn't pick it up. The others are just nice additions and trade bait. 

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