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Posted by : famicomfreak Mar 6, 2017

A very cool project has been released. Definitely check it out! 

"Are you ready …
to go on an epic spoof adventure?
The time is now.
After a decade of work, the ALttP romhacking dreamteam (SePH, PuzzleDude, Euclid, Conn, Erockbrox, Trovsky, etc.) proudly presents: the Conker’s High Rule Tail, a complete overhaul of Zelda3, which essentially changes a Zelda game into a Conker game.
What started out as a spiritual sequel to Parallel Worlds, first named Parallel Universes, ended in a brand new Conker universe. The game includes brand new overworlds and dungeons, which are trying to mimic some of the movie and other game memes, and thus their look was altered radically (both editing and gfx wise) if compared to what their base was. Sprites, object and items also got an extensive overhaul.
Furthermore, the game uses tons of new astonishing ASM, such as brand new Menu (Smartphone), Hud, brand new items, never before seen in a Zelda/Conker game, and the HDMA effects (weed effect, underwater, desert heat, super speed syringe effect, beer effect etc), which was a result of many sleepless nights by the talented ASM team.
Equipped with 120 new MSU-1 songs and complete GFX, ASM, dungeon and overworld overhauls, completely redrawn sprites, and with tons of bad humor and movie/other videogame references, this game was aiming to be the most extensive Z3 hack up to date.
On the side note: extensive beta testing by at least 20 people, 3 pre-releases, quality control, dungeon design control, debug control, difficulty control should ensure that the game can be finished by anyone (veterans or beginners).
Enjoy this epic release.

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