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Posted by : Unknown Jan 7, 2017

So the news are finally getting out there of the NES mini being hacked by some savvy gamers from Russia. It's all true. Apparently, there are two ways to hack the NES mini but I'll focus on the easier way in which all you gotta do is plug the Mini into your computer in order to rewrite some files in order to add more games to it. A lot of speculation is still to come out of this as there are mentions of a possible bricking into the little gadget but we haven't heard of any incidents as of yet. 

Apparently, it's been said that you can have up to 97 games but again, that's all speculation. Here is a video of the method:

Overall, it's pretty neat but I prefer if you get a Raspberry PI 3 .... It's every console you ever needed in one! Everything, and I mean everything! I will be building one myself soon enough! 

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