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Posted by : famicomfreak Jan 5, 2017

As if it wasn't enough that Capcom has pretty much done nothing new for the Mega Man series in years, they decided to release the first six games on both Android and IOS mobile devices. There really isn't anything new about these games except for the fact that you will have to get used to touch screen controllers and a smaller screen, but the fact that the ports were made with slow downs makes me wonder what they were thinking when they coded this or if this was made by amateur programmers. It's really quite astonishing. 

The games come with slow down which pretty much destroys any purpose to the playability of the games. A game that requires precision jumping and shooting, you will be at a loss here. Furthermore, the games don't offer anything new and at 1.99 each, it's not even worth that! It's funny when you think about it, an emulator on an Android device can emulate this perfectly! What's going on Capcom? You OK? once again, disappointed... 

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