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Posted by : Unknown Jan 12, 2017

This is the findings post number 1000th!! I can't believe it has been 1000 finding posts! That sure is a lot of loot over the years and more to come! It's just starting after all! I'm happy to be posting about retro games to this day. I hope you enjoyed this wild ride! But, putting that aside, we have today a new arrival! It's none other than the Action Replay Plus for the Sega Saturn. What does this baby do? It helps you play games that require more ram such as 1-4mb. It's a very neat feature as games do require the extra ram. I have some imports I haven't been able to play due to the fact that I didn't have this, but now, I do! So it's time to game on! To the next 1000 findings! ^_^

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