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Finds 1061: RIVE and Bard's Gold! Limited Run Games!

By : Luis Zena
A couple of more additions to the collection. The best thing about being a collector is that you can shape your collection to be unique and wonderful according to your liking. An article is coming based on these rules. 

Night Trap 25 Years Later Documentary Released !

By : Luis Zena
An amazing documentary has been released about Night Trap. On its 25th year anniversary and with the re-release of the game via-Limited Run Games, it was just about the right time for this to be out. The almost 50 minute documentary details the story and controversy of this cult classic. Be sure to click here to check it out. Even though I know the story myself, there is more to know and definitely a part of video game history that must be shared with the gaming world. 

Tommy Tallarico - Earthworm Jim Anthology Vinyl for Pre-order

By : Luis Zena
Rejoice Earthworm Jim fans! Here is a vinyl that is available for pre-order! The 2 set vinyl will be shipped out in October and comes with the following playlist!

A1. Invertebrate Retreat (Subterranean Remix) 
A2. Tangerine 
A3. Subterranean 
A4. Falling 
A5. Banjo Race 
A6. Tropical Paradise 
A7. Junkit 

B1. Wormaphobic Disorder (Tangerine Remix) 
B2. Submerged 
B3. Snot A Problem 
B4. Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement) 
B5. Glow Worm Jim (Subterranean Radio Edit Remix) 
B6. Italian Medley 

C1. What the Heck (The Oneups Remix) 
C2. The Moo Tango 
C3. Buttville 
C4. Early Bird (Junkit Remix) 
C5. Doobeedowapbop 
C6. Psycrow 
C7. Darkworm Rag 
C8. 80's Annelid 
C9. Lorenzen's Dirt (Subterranean Remix) 

D1. Dixieland Finale 
D2. Continue to Rock 
D3. Dad's Tune 
D4. The Big Top Polka 
D5. Keyz To New Junk City (Junkit Remix) 
D6. Party Time 
D7. Intestinal Distress (Previously Unreleased) 
D8. Earthworm Jim (Video Game Live Montage)

The vinyl will be released October 20th of this year. Get it while you can! 
Please click here in to order your copy! It's grooooovyyyy! 

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Finds 1060: Famicom Bootleg Beauties! I love it!

By : Luis Zena

Whenever I get finds like these especially locally, I just melt. The games that brought me to the collector that I am today were bootleg Famicom games. They just have a special spot in my heart. I will collect every single one of them. I don't care what happens! These are too many to mention! 

Game-bit of the day 791: Shin Megami Tensei (Sega Saturn)

By : Luis Zena

The Shin Megami games were in all sorts of platforms back in the day. Although we only recently got them in the PS2 era and forward, they were actually introduced in the Famicom era. Yup, they have been around for a while. 

Donkey Kong + Released for the PC! Donkey Kong Fan Game!

By : Luis Zena
A new fan game has been released for the PC. It's Donkey Kong with a twist! With more levels and the same classic gameplay! The game was created by using Game Maker Studio by Gojisaurus Rex and it definitely feels and looks like it had a lot of work done to it. 

The game contains 17 levels of classic Donkey Kong jumping fun! It will definitely give you the nostalgia you desire so better get it here while Nintendo allows it. You know how they are! Furthermore, it's totally worth a playthrough. Can you get through all the levels? Try your skills asap! 

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Jaleco's Saturn Shmup The Game Paradise Coming to Steam and PS4 with Extras This Winter!

By : Luis Zena
Some news that went through the radar for me is finally being mentioned here. The classic and expensive shoot 'em up The Game Paradise is coming to PS4 and Steam this winter! Apparently, a good number of classic games are making a return to new consoles for the most part. I think it's an amazing thing to have these games released again. I just hope we can get a physical copy as I'm not fond of digital media. The game was released in 1997 for the Sega Saturn and it's just one of the many bizarre shoot 'em ups to be out for that console especially the Japanese one. There are revel and remixes of classic games and a lot of randomness that deserves another go.

I will definitely keep you updated on the info of this game. Just this screen shot should be enough to keep you guessing. Then again, you can just Youtube it and find gameplay of it! 

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IrataJaguar - A Jaguar Emulator for Android

By : Luis Zena
For this fan of the Atari Jaguar (Which I know there are) here is a very awesome new emulator for the Android. The name is IrataJaguar and it's available in Google Play store for 4.99. Now, the emulator is still in early stages and it'll require a very strong Android system to run it, but it's gotta start somewhere. The game can play some games smoothly while others still need to work. I say, keep an eye out on this one especially for the Atari fan in you. Emulators are still a thing even nowadays! 

Sonic Mania Out Tomorrow! What to expect?

By : Luis Zena
So with Sonic Mania being released tomorrow, we have a new adventure to look forward to. I already pre-ordered my copy of the collector's edition of course, although it won't arrive till the end of the week. Nevertheless, I'm excited to play a new old school Sonic adventure. The game has already been reviewed and has gotten scores of 8s for the most part which is really good as Sonic has had some problems in the last couple of entries....You know which ones! Nonetheless, the game is sure to bring some nostalgia back to retro gamers ourselves and introduce to the next generation of gamers some old school magic. In the end, everyone wins! 

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Game-bit of the day 787: Mega Man X Maverick Hunter X (PSP)

By : Luis Zena

A remake to one of the best Mega Man games ever! This one started the X series with a bang as it introduced new characters and a new story with the same basic principles of the first games in the series. This one is actually pretty cool to play through! Check it out! 

Finds 1054: Cho Aniki, Stormlord, and Ultimate Ghouls n Ghosts !

By : Luis Zena

Some new additions to the collection. I got Cho Aniki which is an insanely funny shoot 'em up, Stormlord for the Genesis which can be good and bad, and three PSP games! One of them being Ultimate Ghouls n Ghosts! Love it! 

Game-bit of the day 785: King of Fighters 96 (Sega Saturn)

By : Luis Zena
So this game is actually very unique. Apparently, only the RAM cart that comes with it is able to be used for this game. Not even the custom ones sold nowadays can play it. Either way, it's King of Fighters! What do you expect?

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