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Game-bit of the day 855: Shining Force 2 (Genesis)

By : Luis Zena
I was finally able to pick this game up in a sweet lot of games. I never even run into it in the wild, except game stores selling it for ridiculous amounts of money. Furthermore, I intend to play this one to the finish. 

Game-bit of the day 849: Popolocrois (PSP)

By : Luis Zena
This release by Agetec is just amazing. The artwork is just beautiful and the game itself is fun. I gotta find more stuff from Agetec as they always seem to have the most interesting releases. 

Finds 1083: Nintendo 64 BOX!

By : Luis Zena

Another wonderful local find! This box for the Nintendo 64 was nice and minty and cheap! Another 15 bucks score! I need to find a Nintendo 64 to put in here to make it complete! Love it! 

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Finds 1082: Space Harrier, Sega Classics Collection, New Adventure Island, and Limited Run Games!

By : Luis Zena
Here are some goodies that arrived at our headquarters. Space Harrier for the Commodore 64 has beautiful artwork and it's a solid addition to my collection. Sega Classics Collection doesn't even need an introduction, it's just an amazing compilation of games for the PS2. New Adventure Island for the PC Engine is the more affordable version of the game. One day I'll have the Turbo Grafx version though... Then, two Limited Run Games! Lili Limited Edition and N++. 

Finds 1081: Mighty no9 Signature Edition, Sword of Sodan, and Final Lap Twin

By : Luis Zena
Here are some new additions for the collection. Mighty No9 Signature Edition was insanely cheap and I just had to have it for the action figure. Final Lap Twin is a very solid addition for my ever growing Turbo Grafx Collection. Sword of Sodan is another obscure side scroller that needs some love. Genesis rules after all! 

Finds 1080: Epic RPG Pick Ups!

By : Luis Zena
I barely do any local pick ups but as I woke up that faithful Friday morning and looked at local ads, I saw this wonderful set of Genesis games and for how much? 15 bucks! I rushed out the door in my pjs as the seller said they were still available. I ended up giving her 20 bucks for the games as she also included an Atari 2600 with it. I'm so happy to finally have some of these complete in the box. I didn't even have Shining Force 2! Isn't this awesome? I love Sega more than ever and this just made my day errr week errr find of the month! 

Game-bit of the day 840: Night Trap (PS4)

By : Luis Zena
The Sega Cult Classic was released in physical form by Limited Run Games and it's everything the creators wanted it to be since the beginning. You must play this as it not only has good gameplay but it's also part of video game history.

Finds 1079: Little King's Story, 6-Pak, and Makai Hakkenden Shada

By : Luis Zena
Three awesome titles for various consoles. That's just the kind of collector I am. We keep adding to different consoles and what not. The first one is Little King's Story which has the most awesome cover art. The game was released by XSeed so you know it has some RPG madness in it. Also, the 6-Pak for Genesis is a very awesome set of games in one cartridge and even though I already have one, it's always good to have extras! Finally, Makai Hakeenden Shada is an interesting game for the PC Engine. It plays like Ys.

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