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Posted by : Luis Zena Aug 6, 2016

This one is for ZX Spectrum fans! This update seems to be a yearly thing. It's great to still see all these updates being done for classic games. The website of the download is here. Check out the full note of updates from the site:

1. Two new countries have been added to the database - Trinidad/Tobago and Vietnam.
2. Each player now has a Leadership rating, and you choose the team captain who can influence team morale weekly, positively or negatively. The team captain has been added to the Game Status screen.
3. Investment in fan clubs is offered, which provides subscription income throughout the season.  Whether this makes any profit over the season is influenced by the team's league position each week.  The subs income is shown on the weekly finances screen.
4. The end of season play offs are more flexible in that they can now feature a knockout of 2, 4 or 8 teams, depending on the specific country and division in use. They are also now 2-legged to reflect that this is the usual format around the world.  Whether the final is one or two legs depends on the country involved.  The initial pairings are now shown on the play off announcement screen.
5. In real football, play offs are also played in the top division in some countries, sometimes to determine an overall season winner and sometimes to determine continental cup qualification places. This is now implemented in the game, although please note that continental competitions are not featured in FMR.
6. The player now gets to choose the team's 2nd kit, used when the team is playing away and both clubs have the same kit colour.
7. Amendments have been made to the Improve Morale screen so that the next fixture and current morale are always displayed.
8. The attendances at cup games now have more emphasis on who you're playing rather than the cup round.
9. The real Argentinean Primera Division has been split into two parallel leagues which cannot be implemented in FMR, so Argentina has had to be replaced with Colombia in the FMR database.
10. There's more flexibility to the season ticket sales with the introduction of a team popularity factor.  Lower popularity levels mean a higher discount is needed to attract sales, and vice-versa.
11. Following code optimisation, the league table calculation now runs up to 30% quicker.
12. The teams in your division are no longer displayed when selecting opponents for a friendly match.
13. The flags displayed after country selection now have increased resolution.

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