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Posted by : Luis Zena Aug 1, 2016

A new five minute video came out today with updates on the new Pokemon of this game. Some of them are downright weird while other are upgrades to old Pokemon. Lets take a look!
 Executtor has been given an overhaul with a long ass neck! It apparently is a Dragon type as well.
 Sandshrew and Sandslash have both been turned into an ice/steel type Pokemon which is quite interesting. 
Vulpix has also been turned from fire to ice. As well as Ninetales. This is an attempt to try to bring the old classics to the new Pokemon world.

There are also different types of Oricorio! I definitely dig the Ghost type the most. It'll have a ghostly dance!
 A couple of new Pokemon were also shown with some of their abilities. 
This one looks like Donald Trump! Ewww! I'll make sure I don't catch this one!
 Minior is a very interesting Pokemon. It has an ability in which it sheds its skin and shows a different color core. 
 That's where the ability depends on which color the core is. Maybe it'll have something to do with their type.

 Another cool Pokemon with an interesting ability. Mudbray should be an interesting catch especially with such an awesome evolution. 
 So now you'll be calling for services on Pokemon to ride, fly, go through the ocean, and other things for sure. Maybe the end of the HMs?
 Apparently, this is a new twist on the game. There will be trials instead of gyms and at the end you'll end up meeting a beefed up Pokemon as you final trial. Looks interesting. 
Finally, the Z-moves are a special move each Pokemon will be able to perform in battle only once. Every type will have them. Think of it as a overdrive move like from Final Fantasy VII. It'll make battles quite interesting although I'm not sure how balanced they will be especially online.

Here is the full video of the update!

Pokemon madness! 

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