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Posted by : Luis Zena Jul 31, 2016

Retro-bit is known for bringing portable and consoles to your home. They have done a pretty good job over the years and have definitely been improving with their latest models. They announced that they will be releasing a new plug n play console that comes packed in with 100+ games from the arcades of the 90s! They have pursued developers such as Capcom, Jaleco, Irem, and Data East for the rights to put them on the console. The console will come with two controllers that are plugged via USB and it'll even bring an HDMI port for easy plug n play action.  The whole set of the games that will be included have not come to light just yet, but I will definitely post about it when I get the info. This is a great way to have some amazing arcade games at home. Do not worry, the console will also come with composite connection for those with no HDMI. It'll also have an SD card slot for recording games which is a pretty awesome plus. Maybe there will be a way to add more games to it via-update or hack but no details on that since the console isn't even out yet. 

The console will be available for 59.99 either September or November as the release date is not for sure. I surely hope it's September! The sooner the better! There is definitely lots of nostalgia coming by this holiday season with the release of this peripheral  and the NES mini. 

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