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Posted by : Luis Zena Jul 29, 2016

A very useful website called Pokevision has surfaced into the world of Pokemon Go. It's a website that uses your location to scan the surroundings for Pokemon of your liking. It'll not only show the Pokemon, but also the time left each one of them will be hanging out at that spot. It's very useful if you're looking for a specific creature and definitely saves you time when Pokemon hunting. Now, that's all good and all but people are criticizing the website for taking the fun out of the game. One can argue that the Pokemon scanner in Pokemon Go isn't working so this is a great alternative and wouldn't it be similar to using Pokevision? Either way, there are rumors that the scanner will be taken out from Pokemon Go altogether! Whether you hate it or love it, Pokevision has made people move from one place to the other faster than any other Poke-tools out there especially with Pokemon on the map having a timer. 

I have been using it myself and it's definitely helpful. It's not 100 percent though as there are sometimes Pokemon that will appear that weren't even in the area which is a nice plus. In the end, every user has the option to use it or not. They aren't shoving it in your face after all. 

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