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Posted by : Unknown Jul 23, 2016

So I've been playing this game to death! All my free time has gone to this game and in the process, I've walked miles, made new friends, and had a blast overall! All I can say is that even with all the controversy and people getting robbed and finding dead bodies, this game is great! Everything is going to have its ups and downs but the beneficial factors of this app are amazing especially when you can get an autistic kid to socialize with others thanks to this game. How about bumping into someone and they flat out say that if it wasn't for this game, they wouldn't be socializing with anyone or getting a good work out. Even others that have found places they didn't know were around the corner since they had to go to a pokestop to stock up on items. This game is amazing and it's here to stay! I can't wait for the 2nd gen because I'm catching a Chikorita and maximizing her! 

Here are some fun photos of my journey! 
 Duduo was hungry! 
 Wartortle was shopping around at the mall! 
 Dab it up Jinx~! 
 Not even the ocean wants you Magikarp...
 Metapod taking the bus... 
 Can't I go to the bathroom in peace Spearow?
Venonat asking for money! 

That's all! 

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