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Posted by : Luis Zena May 7, 2016

"Penisade is a hack of the USA version of Renegade. This hack is a remake of an ancient hack that author Rotwang lost over a decade ago due to computer theft. It combines hardcore nudity and Satanism with brutal action. Take control of Samson, a mob target trying to battle his way out of a city of horny AIDS victims. The original game has been improved upon by tweaking the difficulty. While in the original game standard punches were completely useless as an attack strategy, in this hack they deal more damage and the difficulty in general has been reduced. Thanks to some code contributed by Dr. Floppy, the player is able to slowly regain health by backing off from the action for a little while. All the enemies have been redrawn and many of the background elements have been modified. As well, a story was added to this game which originally didn’t even have one. This is hacker Rotwang’s first publicly released complete hack, first made available on April 30, 2013 on the now-defunct badderhacks.net."

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