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Posted by : Laurinda Osborne Apr 26, 2016

Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition, was released in 1998 and was the third edition reeled for GameBoy, after Pokemon Red and Blue.
Developed by GrameFreak and published by Nintendo, it was one of the best Pokemon versions.
Unlike other versions, Pokemon Yellow was inspired by the anime. Instead of the choice of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, the player is forced to start with Pikachu that Professor Oak caught on Route 1.
Pikachu does not like you at the beginning, much like the anime. You earn Pikachu's trust overtime.
With the rival, Gary, starting with an Eevee, the player journeys through Pallet Town and experiences a whole new experience, with no grass, fire or water type Pokemon to fall back on, that until, the player receives all of them respectively in Cerulean City, Route 24 and Vermillion City.
Next, the player defeats all eight Gym Leaders (including Misty and Brock, however, they do not join the player on their journey) and eventually, the Elite Four.

Like the anime, Pikachu won't evolve, even with the use of The Thunderstone. If you try to use the stone on Pikcahu will just annoy Pikachu even more. Although there were times I did it, just to annoy Pikachu on purpose.
But you can get your Pikachu to surf in the Pikachu Beach Minigame.
To do this:
-Be sure to have Pikachu at the time of your Pokemon list.
- Fly to Fuchisa City
- From there, go straight down, jump over the 3 walls, and go into the first house you come to.
-Talk to the fisherman, and walk around his house, looking at everything, including the computer, signs and posters in the house.
-Walk out the house and walk to the water in front of the house. Your Pikachu should now know how to surf.
-Have a play around with your Pikachu on the water.
-Go to the edge of the water right out front the fisherman's house, select on Pikachu and surf around!
It's quite fun.
-Next, go back into the fisherman's house and look around again, including the posters and computer. There should be some new messages, if the cheat has worked.
-Save the game!
-Then go talk to the Fisherman again, and you will be able to play the game!!

I liked this version of Pokemon. I've played Pokemon Red and Blue on the PC but this on the Gameboy.  I probably racked up too many hours playing this game but it was worth it!
I did manage to play Pokemon Green on the PC but mine was Japanese sub with very little English, but I didn't connect well with the game as I did with the other versions.
9/10 :)

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