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Posted by : Laurinda Osborne Feb 13, 2016

Okay, trip down memory lane.

Who remembers Sim City 2000?
I do. I spent many hours on the computer paying this game.
Building your own dream city, naming your city anything you want. From real places to made up names. Never forget. Oh and the music that came with it. Wasn't bad.
And who can forget this catchy tune?

Simcity 2000 is a city building simulation game and was first released in 1994 by Maxis

In this game, the player could create and build cities. Any creation!
Once you started a new game to build a city, you become the Mayor of the city. You get given money to start with, start building the city.

You could build homes, businesses, fire stations, police stations, hospitals etc

Who remembers not turning disasters off early in the game had a natural disaster and didn't have all emergency buildings? Be it fire, flood or earth quake, it was the emergent building you DIDN'T have, that you needed. I remembered watching helplessly, many times, my city getting destroyed. Not to mention the disaster of an alien attack! (Cue Mudler and Scully)

As a Mayor, you could see how well your city was going by profit and see what residents wanted.

I used to hate not having enough money but alas, there were hacks!

Buddamus would have to be my favourite. $500,000 and all rewards. If only getting that kind of money was that easy in real life!
$500,000 each time would allow you to buy anything you or the city wanted.
The more money, the more ridiculous things you could get for you city

In conclusion, I loved this version. Not that the newer versions are bad, but SimCity 2000 just brings back so many memories!

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