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Posted by : Luis Zena Feb 12, 2016

"In this hack, Mario only has 100 seconds (or less) to beat the level!
  • Mario All-stars graphics(also few backgrounds for other games)
  • Tons of custom music
  • Bunch of custom blocks, sprites and patches
  • Custom powerups(hammer, boomerang, raccoon(+cape), ice flower, tanooki suit, shell suit..)
  • Death counter(you have unlimited lives)
  • Auto-saving
  • Overworld exanimation
  • Wall-jump ability
  • Fully works on real hardware
  • Four worlds and ???
  • 88-Exits in total(~56 actual levels)
  • Its also challenging if you cant tell from the title
Update F1.1 Changes:
  • Updated LX5’s powerup patch to the newest version
  • Fancy drop-shadow effect added to the title-screen
  • Fixes issue on two rising-lava selections"

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