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Posted by : Laurinda Osborne Feb 21, 2016

Lemmings, a puzzle platform video game, was developed in 1991 by DMA Design and programmed by Mike Dailly and David Jones and was inspired by a simple animation that Dailly created while experimenting with Deluxe Paint.

Lemmings just turned 25! Most of us would have grown up playing this game on our PCs, Amigas, Atari ST, etc.
I know I did. But I haven't played it in so long, I wouldn't know how to play it now!

The main objective of this game was to guide a group of anthropomorphised lemmings through a range of obstacles to a designated exit. To save the required number of lemmings to win, one must determine how to assign a limited number of eight different skills to specific lemmings that allow the selected lemming to alter the landscape, to affect the behaviour of other lemmings, or to clear obstacles to create a safe passage for the rest of the lemmings.
This may sound easy but there were times where things didn't go to plan. 

Lemmings was divided into 4 different difficulty categories. Each level began with a trap door opening from above releasing a steady amount of lemmings who followed each other. Each level consisted of obstacles that prevented the lemmings from getting to the exit. These obstacles included lava, large drops, booby traps, etc.
The goal is to guide at least a certain percentage of the green-haired, blue-robed lemmings from the entrance to the exit by clearing or creating a safe passage through the landscape for the lemmings to use.
Unless the lemmings were designated a specific task, each lemming would walk in one direction, ignoring  other lemmings in the process. falling off any edges and turning around if they hit an obstacle they cannot pass. A lemming can die in a number of ways: falling from a great height, falling into water or lava, disappearing off the top, bottom or side of the level map, being caught in a trap or fire, or being assigned the Bomber skill. Every level has a time limit; if the clock counts down to zero, the level automatically ends.
To successfully complete the level, the player must assign specific skills to certain lemmings. Which skills and how many uses of each are available to the player varies from level to level, and the player must assign the skills carefully to successfully guide the lemmings.There are eight skills that can be assigned 'Climbers' climb vertically though fall down if they hit an overhang. 'Floaters' use a parachute to fall safely from heights. 'Bombers' explode after a five-second timer, destroying themselves and any destructible landscape in close proximity, though not damaging other Lemmings or traps. 'Blockers' stand still and prevent other Lemmings from passing; Lemmings that hit a Blocker simply reverse direction. 'Builders' build a stairway of 12 steps. 'Bashers', 'Miners' and 'Diggers' dig horizontally, diagonally downwards or directly downwards respectively.

But alas, Lemmings was one of the best games go the early 1990s coming in second highest rating game behind Armstrand Action and is considered the eighth greatest game in history by Next Generation in 1996.

I would not hesitate to play this game again. I think I should find a way to install this game on my computer.


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