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Posted by : Luis Zena Dec 4, 2015

We have seen many bootlegs that turned out to be crap. We finally come across one that's actually original and decent. This is the case for Tiny Toons Adventures 6 for the Famicom. I'm not even sure what the six is for, but it's quite good once you get over that. The game itself is fun and probably should've been a standard to other bootleg games out there. Sadly, that's not the case. Lets take a look at this game! 
I can't really complain about the music much and even though some sounds may sound recycled, it works well with a game that was made from a good side scrolling engine. 

The graphics are impressive. Just the title screen shows how well worked on this game was. I still don't know why the six but then again we have Mickey Mania 7 so they might have some sort of meaning. Either way, the levels are great, just take a look at this pic below!

There is lots of fun platforming and items to collect. The game overall looks great and vivid. I'm impressed!
The gameplay is quite good and that's saying a lot for a bootleg. This is a bootleg original which really impresses with the gameplay. Usually, games like this are unpolished and horrid. This is one that's very fair in gameplay, but most of all, fun. 
This is one bootleg you'll want to come back to. It's enjoyable for your fingers and your eyes. Not so much your ears, but good enough for time and again!
A must have for your collection. Sadly, the game is very hard to find in physical form even looking at eBay so you'll have to figure something out. Well, you can always find the rom and play it through there. That's the only option left. Till next week! 

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