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Posted by : Luis Zena Nov 14, 2015

"This hack restores all the stuff that got censored and removed from the American version back to it, it also fixes the names of three enemies and changes the music on one stage as well.
Here’s what this hack does to it:
It restores Blaze’s original flying kick sprites from the Japanese version.
It restores Mr. X’s cigar from the Japanese version.
It restores the number of enemy knockouts status bar on the pause screen from the Japanese version, press the “A” button to see it.
It changes the names of Galsia, Galuda and Mosquite to Garcia, Garuda and Mosquito. Sega mistranslated their names in all versions of this game.
It changes the music on the Pirate Ship stage to play the unused “Little Money Avenue” music track.
Included a extra patch that will add all this stuff to the European side of the Japan/Europe ROM, also included alternate versions of both patches that will change Skate’s name to his Japanese name “Sammy” as well.
The Pancake 2 utility tool was used to restore Blaze’s original flying kick sprites.
The 0xED hex editor was used to restore everything else."

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