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Posted by : Luis Zena Nov 26, 2015

This is a game that gets criticized because someone said so but it's nothing like that. People should be thankful of this game because if it wasn't for this, games like Symphony of the Night wouldn't have existed.  The fundamentals of the side scroller RPG elements were introduced in this game and although there are many faults in them. It's as good as you'll get for the NES. Lets take a look! 

The music of this game is as memorable as any Castlevania game for the older consoles. The sounds are also well executed, and fit quite well. You will definitely find some of these tunes in other Castlevania games as well.  
The game is an improvement over the first game. It's more about exploring so you'll have to search far and wide for secrets! The world is huge and everything looks great. You feel like you're in one big Castlevania world. 

The game can be quite tough and unforgiving. This is what drove a lot of people off from it. Either way, if you want a challenge, this is it. The controls are very accurate and are simple. If you have played the first game, this is the same thing except in a larger world. There are level systems and an inventory. The game is quite fun especially when it gets dark. 
This game can really be played through over and over and over. It's only a matter of finding out what you have to do. The bosses are easy at times which lacks the challenge over all but one can't complain about the awesomeness of coming back to it. 

It may have gotten a lot of hatred, but this game is definitely worth picking up. The criticism received by it has lower the value of the game so you'll pick it up quite cheaply. That's one thing that criticism can do quite well. 

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