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Posted by : Luis Zena Nov 10, 2015

So why pick the Japanese version of this game? It's just that it deserve a place of its own. Rockman 8 Metal Heroes is a game that feels like a more justified Rockman game than the release overseas. The game is Rockman at its best and it's a shame that Capcom didn't continued with more games for the upcoming consoles like PS2 until the PS3 was around and then they went retro. With that said, lets take a look at Rockman 8 Metal Heroes! 

The music stands out from previous Rockman games and that's saying a lot. The best part is the voice acting and the intro song setting the mood for the game. It's quite ingenious to be honest, it really works when you are about to play a game and the introduction sequence gets you pumped up. Well done, Capcom! 

The game looks wonderful for PS1 standards. The game is just colorful and fun looking. The Rockman series unlike the X series always took a more fond visualization for their games. X is more series, Rockman is more colorful and playful. Don't get me wrong, this game is still a tough cookie. 

The gameplay delivers. Rockman has all his arsenal of weapons and the usual power up after you defeat a robot master thing. The game can be difficult at parts but never becomes a hassle to get through. The boss fights are fun and animated with voice acting. It's your typical Rockman game so you'll know what to expect. 

The game is your typical Rockman game and that's saying a lot. You'll definitely be back for more. The replay value is great on this late 90's Capcom gem. 

The difference with this game and Mega Man 8 are not many but definitely worth their own mention. With better voice acting and intro original score, the game is definitely the better one of the two. It's a great one so don't miss it! 

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