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Posted by : Luis Zena Nov 3, 2015

This has got to be one of the worst games of all time. Believe it or not, this is the title screen of the game. This just looks awful. I think this game was done overnight and as a joke. There is just no way this could've been taken seriously. The company that created this game Kirin Entertainment would only release two more games in their lifetime. I can't even imagine to think what would've been if this game even had a sequel??? I usually talk about games you should try, but this is one bad game you can't miss! Lets check it out!

The music is ridiculous. There are horrible sound effects and the voice acting is just horrid. They aren't even serious when they read their scripts. The whole experience might make you deft! You have been warned!

The graphics are a joke! Most of the game is photos and the few graphics that you see like the title screen look like they were made by a five year old. This is ridiculous! The problem is that this game is a piece of crap from beginning to end. It's not even an interactive movie!! WTF!

The only gameplay  you do is when you select an option. Now, that's horrible. You could be masturbating and playing this game but guess what? The nudes they show are censored! This is nothing more than a joke. Die Kirin die!

This game is a piece of crap! Replay it if you want to lose more brain cells.

There is not much to say because you guys know what to expect with such a title. This can be argued as one of the worst games of all time. I still can't believe this crap was released to the public. If you do get a copy of this "gem", be sure to try it out for laughs and giggles. Otherwise, stay away from it and watch the many videos on Youtube about it. Till next week!

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