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Posted by : Luis Zena Nov 26, 2015

 This is an interesting hack of a game. Care to guess from which game? It's none other than Adventure Island. It sort of makes sense and would've worked if the bootleggers would've been less lazy! This game hacks Master Higgins into Sonic! Other than Master Higgins, the title screen is hacked to spell out Sonic and the Hudson is removed from the title screen only leaving soft. Lets take a look!  
Well, it is an Adventure Island hack so the music is there. Sonic can't just take credit for it. Same goes with the bootleggers. Why are you so lazy????
The graphics fall short not because it's Adventure Island but because it's a horrible representation of a Sonic game. The first part of it was well done with the sprite character change, but the rest is left lazy and unfinished.... total disappointment. 
It's Adventure Island, not Sonic but it's still enjoyable. I haven't finished it but I hope there is something changed in the ending although more likely there isn't...
The game is fun to come back to but wouldn't you rather play the original unhacked game if that's the case. I can't believe how lazy some of the bootlegs are. 

Con conclude, this game is just another lazy hack of a good game. There is not much to say except, game ovah! till next week! 

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