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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 8, 2015

"This is a level hack of Metroid Zero Mission with a bit of other changed elements thrown in. The goal of the hack is not to completely redesign every single room, but to make a similar, yet somewhat more difficult experience than the original by changing some rooms, changing the map layout, ways to areas, locations of powerups, etc.
Notable changes that were implemented:
  • starting room was changed to ship room in Crateria
  • areas Kraid and Ridley where probably changed the most, followed by Norfair. Chozodia and Tourian the less.
  • Gravity Suit not necessary to battle Ridley
  • Most major upgrades were moved elsewhere; many minor upgrades were newly hidden as well
  • Chozo hint statues no longer exist at all
  • new sequence breaks, like skipping Power Grip, are possible; also Unknown Items aren’t required…
  • all enemies have raised attack and hp, while also dropping less stuff; The same accounts for bosses, some of which also have other nasty surprises
  • Like the original Metroid, only one of the Ice and Wave (and later Plasma) Beams can be equipped at once; collecting a certain other powerup may fix that, though
  • there are other surprises as well if you can find them…
To create this, all of the following things were used:
  • The original Metroid Zero Mission(U) ROM by Nintendo
  • Double Helix, the Metroid Zero Mission/ Fusion editor written by Interdpth
  • A patch which enables the Item Toggle feature, made by Trunaur68
  • The (sadly incomplete) RAM and ROM maps of this game posted on Datacrystal, as well as several ARM Opcode sheets used for manual hex editing
  • The debug-version of VBA, as well as its normal incarnation"

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