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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 27, 2015

This is one of the hidden gems for the 3DO. The game is one of the very few RPGs for the console and one of the very few good games on it as well. The main problem of the 3DO was the controllers. They weren't that user friendly and ridiculous at some points. Lucienne's Quest was one of the last games to be released for the console before it stopped production so it was not only very limited but only around 2000 copies of the game exists. If this were a Nintendo game, it would be worth lots of money but the 3DO has a very special fanbase which isn't that big overall. Either way, with that little info about the 3DO off the way, lets talk about Lucienne's Quest! 

The music is not bad but there isn't much to find memorable. It does give it that RPG feel so you're definitely going to enjoy it. This is after all RPG strategy and requires the right mix of effects and music for it to work. The game holds it together enough to make it enjoyable and not bothersome. 

The graphics of the game are very simple. They aren't the state of the art for that time, but do their job especially with the character models. The artwork is well done too. The levels do use up a lot of similar designs so it does feel repetitive which is typical of RPGs of older console of that time. 

The gameplay is where this game shines. It's a wonderful experience with battles that can require strategy. The game is turned based but you also get to pick your path of battle. It's very interesting but I guess the path works better for distance attacks. The battles aren't easy and sometimes you'll need to try different spells or attacks to defeat your opponents. Overall, it's a very satisfactory experience. 
Being an RPG, the game does require you to play battle after battle but if we are talking about playing the entire game over, that's all up to you. Replaying an entire RPG would only seem good if you really loved it. 

Definitely a game to pick up but due to its ridiculous price, you should emulate it. That's what I did after all but I would pick it up for the right price if I encounter it in the future. Till next week! 

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