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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 29, 2015

Here we get to a very obscure bootleg. You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it but the savvy bootleggers were able to create a Windows 2000 program for the Famicom. Of course, it's very limited and barely does anything, but it was still a very impressive choice. Speaking of bootleg terms that is, this game is just another one that will torment you till the end of time. Lets take a look. 

The game has non-existent music. The sounds are crappy and it's just bad. This is after all, a simulator of a OS from the year 2000! At least you won't get deft.
The graphics are weak. For a supposedly 2000 OS, the 8-bit graphics just don't do justice. The applications on the cartridge itself does not show enough to satisfy the eye. Lame! 

Unless you know Chinese, you won't be able to to squad on this game. Everything requires for you to read so you're on your own after that. Maybe if you could understand it, it would be a better experience but I'll just leave it at that.
No reason to go back to this unless you know the language. You really will have more fun throwing the cartridge out the window. 
Totally not worth your time. There is nothing to do here except explore the applications which are few and non-interesting. I'm sure if you were able to read them, you wouldn't like them either way. Till next week!

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