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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 15, 2015

 Another one by Caltron, and this one is actually quite interesting. When you think of Tank, you always think of Tank '90 which is a game called Battle City that was pirated to death. This game does play similar and it's quite interesting to look at. Lets take a look! 

Music leaves a lot to love. Caltron sure didn't put too much into their music in games. I can't believe that you can't get something so simple right. 

The graphics are quite good and great to look at. There is so much going on at some point that the graphics suffer though. At least you can tell your tank from the enemy tanks. Well done overall. 

The gameplay is slow but fun. You can play this with two players for even more fun. What else can you ask for? You gotta be careful because the levels tend to get crazy. Half the time you'll be exchanging bullets with the enemy. Your main goal is to destroy the various bases in each level. It's simple and fun. Well done Caltron! 

This game is fun to pick up and play especially with friends. the Multiplayer value of this game brings you back into it for more. The one player campaign is just as good and the game can get quite difficult. This could've been a sequel to Battle City if anything!

After a long streak of mediocre bootleg games, we found one that's worth recommending. The game itself has its flaws but overall, it's playable, fun, and best of all, you can play it with a friend. I'm not even sure it has an ending and that's fine by me. Till next week! 

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