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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 8, 2015

Caltron is one kick ass bootleg developer. They have released a bunch of awesome bootlegs over the years. Believe it or not, they're quality games. Here comes Dream Fighter, another fighter to the arsenal of bootleg fighters for the 8-bit console. Lets take a look at this simple but fun game from 1992...

The music leaves a lot to love. It's a very odd soundtrack and definitely not the best. You're better off muting the game and playing some metal in the background. 

The graphics are decent and the characters look awfully familiar cough cough street fighter 2 cough cough. There isn't much of a background in the game but overall, not the worst game to look at. 

Gameplay is tough. I mean, I may not be a pro but it's quite difficult to even win a single battle. Go break your fingers why don't you. This game feels like Karateka at times but ten times more difficult. You will hit and miss a lot, and that Blanka looking enemy will trash you. I'm sure there is a trick like in any other game to win easily but I'll leave it at that. 

This game isn't worth your time not even for a replay. You can always let your friend play it and they could die from the pain that this game can be. Bootlegs are not always your friend. This is a tough one. 

Sadly, Caltron did a lot of misses and this is another one of the bunch. I do not recommend it... stay away! Till next week! 

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