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Retro Gaming News: Bomberman Nightmare

By : famicomfreak

"A hard level hack that changes enemies order (10 in every stage) and power ups order, and to make it easier, it also have infinite time and you start with 10 lives. Watch out the last stage is Hell (all 10 best enemies in the game)"

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Retro Gaming News: F@ck Dick Nazi Random Offensive Word Tetris

By : famicomfreak

"Tetris will never be the same again after you check out F@ck Dick Nazi Random OFfensive Word Tetris!
In F@ck Dick Nazi Random Offensive Word Tetris, you ARE the Dick Nazis! Help them sort the penises of their enemies and convert them into Dick Nazis to grow you ever growing army!
Quite possible the first Private Military Contractor simulator for the NES!
Dive into the ultimate visceral gameplay of F@ck Dick Nazi Random Offensive Word Tetris today!
All appearances of Naked Headless Mario/Kyolings/Crazy Grama are non canon. This hack takes place before Kinky Kyolings and the Naked Headless Mario series
(Please note: This hack is unbelievably NSFW, if you haven’t already figured that one out)"

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Retro Gaming Life E-zine November 2015 Issue Released!

By : famicomfreak

The November issue is out! There are lots of new sections and two episodes of the comic book included! Be sure to read about the Video Game Crash of 1983 and the special article on Mega Man IV! Lots of awesome stuff in this one! Check it out!

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Wonderland Dizzy Released to the Public!

By : famicomfreak

A game that was thought to be lost is finally released by their creators. The story is quite interesting as the code for the game was in an old floppy disc that one of the creators still had. This goes to show you that floppy disks are quite durable! I wonder if mine still have their old data on them. Anyways, the code was worked on and released to the public for everyone to enjoy. Please click here to visit the page, game on! 

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Bootleg Game of the Week 082: Windows 2000 (FC)

By : famicomfreak
Here we get to a very obscure bootleg. You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it but the savvy bootleggers were able to create a Windows 2000 program for the Famicom. Of course, it's very limited and barely does anything, but it was still a very impressive choice. Speaking of bootleg terms that is, this game is just another one that will torment you till the end of time. Lets take a look. 

The game has non-existent music. The sounds are crappy and it's just bad. This is after all, a simulator of a OS from the year 2000! At least you won't get deft.
The graphics are weak. For a supposedly 2000 OS, the 8-bit graphics just don't do justice. The applications on the cartridge itself does not show enough to satisfy the eye. Lame! 

Unless you know Chinese, you won't be able to to squad on this game. Everything requires for you to read so you're on your own after that. Maybe if you could understand it, it would be a better experience but I'll just leave it at that.
No reason to go back to this unless you know the language. You really will have more fun throwing the cartridge out the window. 
Totally not worth your time. There is nothing to do here except explore the applications which are few and non-interesting. I'm sure if you were able to read them, you wouldn't like them either way. Till next week!

Game-bit of the day 392: Super Bonk (SNES)

By : famicomfreak

The big headed caveman had an amazing run in multiple consoles. Although it was mostly known for the Turbo Grafx adventures, the SNES did get a release of their own even though they were competitors at one point. 

Retro Gaming News: The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes

By : famicomfreak

"While the US got no less than four Spider-Man games on the SNES (Arcade’s Revenge, Maximum Carnage, Separation Anxiety, and the cartoon-based one), Japan had to go ahead and get the only one that DIDN’T SUCK.
This is a platformer that doesn’t suck, if you can believe this. In it you play as Spider-Man as you go about his day to day activities. I don’t know what else to say, other than The Human Torch is in there for some reason. The control’s a bit iffy, but you can get used to it. The boss battles are fun; the first boss is Beetle (who?) and the second one is The Lizard! And that’s about as far as I made it."

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Retro Game of the Week 151: Lucienne's Quest (3DO)

By : famicomfreak
This is one of the hidden gems for the 3DO. The game is one of the very few RPGs for the console and one of the very few good games on it as well. The main problem of the 3DO was the controllers. They weren't that user friendly and ridiculous at some points. Lucienne's Quest was one of the last games to be released for the console before it stopped production so it was not only very limited but only around 2000 copies of the game exists. If this were a Nintendo game, it would be worth lots of money but the 3DO has a very special fanbase which isn't that big overall. Either way, with that little info about the 3DO off the way, lets talk about Lucienne's Quest! 

The music is not bad but there isn't much to find memorable. It does give it that RPG feel so you're definitely going to enjoy it. This is after all RPG strategy and requires the right mix of effects and music for it to work. The game holds it together enough to make it enjoyable and not bothersome. 

The graphics of the game are very simple. They aren't the state of the art for that time, but do their job especially with the character models. The artwork is well done too. The levels do use up a lot of similar designs so it does feel repetitive which is typical of RPGs of older console of that time. 

The gameplay is where this game shines. It's a wonderful experience with battles that can require strategy. The game is turned based but you also get to pick your path of battle. It's very interesting but I guess the path works better for distance attacks. The battles aren't easy and sometimes you'll need to try different spells or attacks to defeat your opponents. Overall, it's a very satisfactory experience. 
Being an RPG, the game does require you to play battle after battle but if we are talking about playing the entire game over, that's all up to you. Replaying an entire RPG would only seem good if you really loved it. 

Definitely a game to pick up but due to its ridiculous price, you should emulate it. That's what I did after all but I would pick it up for the right price if I encounter it in the future. Till next week! 

Game-bit of the day 391: Sonic 4 (SNES)

By : famicomfreak
I've mentioned and showed this game before and it's just so interesting to see the reaction of people when they see it. Believe it or not, a Sonic game was released for the SNES. Don't get all crazy now, this game was a hack of the Speedy Gonzalez game for the same console. It's very ingenious if you think about it. 

Retro Gaming News: Ganso Saiyuuki: Super Monkey Daibouken

By : famicomfreak

"This is an English translation patch for Ganso Saiyuuki: Super Monkey Daibouken (”Original Journey to the West: Super Monkey Adventure”), a game released for the Nintendo Famicom in 1987 by VAP. As the name suggests, it’s an adventure game of sorts based on the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West. In it, you have to guide Son Goku and his band of pilgrims across Asia to the mystical land of India, where the Buddha awaits to show them the way to total enlightenment. On the way, there are a number of obstacles, including the game’s soul-crushingly low movement speed and bad hit detection. Chrontendo named this game the worst game released for the system before 1988, beating out such luminaries as Takeshi no Chousenjou and Hoshi wo Miru Hito."

Retro Gaming News: Mario Clash Controller Fix

By : famicomfreak

"This is a hack for Mario Clash on the Nintendo Virtual Boy. This hack changes the controller layout to the Mario standard by swapping A and B (A jump, B throw) and also puts “run” on both triggers buttons.
The patch is an IPS file. Apply to a clean ROM. Verified to function on actual hardware."

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