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Posted by : Luis Zena Sep 16, 2015

This is probably one of the most amazing programs I have ever come across. It's Commander Keen in many different ways including multiplayer, SVGA graphics, and mods. What more can you ask for? The program is available for Mac and Windows as well as the latest OS of each. 

I think what makes this game different from the others is the added features. There is so much to see! Take a look at the info from the site and be sure to click on the source for download and more details. Keen lives on! 



Welcome to Commander Genius

Commander Genius is a software piece that interprets the Commander Keen Invasion of the Vorticons and Galaxy series. As fans and developers, we are, we try to implement new features, improve the gameplay, and give players an experience that feels like playing the original game but a bit more refreshing.
NOTE: We are currently looking for fans of Commander Keen, developers, or artists who are interested in helping us. If someone wants to make a better interpreter for the Invasion of the Vorticons Series (Also Galaxy series, Dreams, and mods or maybe any other DOS game) they are more than welcome to help us. Just drop our project leader an email message at: gerstrong@gmail.com
IRC Channel: #CommanderGenius at irc.foonetic.net"

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