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Posted by : Luis Zena Sep 29, 2015

The game that revived the series after so many years was released on the Gameboy Color. The game is quite difficult but good overall. This is your classic dungeon exploring grinding RPG. Not only that but you can have up to nine members in your group. That's a lot of power! This is the follow up to the second game for the SNES although they don't have much in common. This is by far one of my favorite series but I shall never forgive the atrocity of the DS game.... ugh! Lets take a look! 

The music is amazing! Classic RPG Lufia music to the best of the Gameboy's capabilities. The game uses the right tones for the right places. There aren't that many games that get it so right. This is your classic RPG at its finest. 
The color gives this game life in many ways. You feel like if you're playing a NES version of Lufia at some point. It's beautiful. The character art is great as well and the world looks fantastic. Pix-elated beauty!
The game is as tough as ever. You'll have to grind and find a way to get past certain bosses even with nine party members, you'll have a hard time. The game challenges even the most strategic RPGers. The usual shop to get stronger weapons is here as well as the fields where you can level up till your heart is content. One thing you should know, the dungeons change every time you exit from them! This keeps the dungeons fresh every single time. It's quite unique and interesting. 

The game has dungeons that change every time you get out of them so that definitely keeps the game fresh. I'm no sure if you want to go through all the trouble again but with such an intriguing story and fresh gameplay I'm going to say that it has a pretty decent replay value. 

The game is quite good and above average in all levels. You should play this game if you're into something fresh and especially into RPGs. The game is also quite affordable so if you want to get a physical copy, go for it! Till next month! 

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