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Posted by : Luis Zena Sep 22, 2015

This is one of the early NES games that really showed what the console could do. Bionic Commando is not like any other game. This guy can't jump! You have to use his grappling hook hand in order to move from platform to platform. This gives the game a very unique gameplay form. Also, a fun fact about this game is that the original story revolves around stopping the resurrection of Hitler. How about that huh? Lets take a look! 

The sound and music of this game is one of NES' best in my opinion. Good old late 1980s NES music will keep you on your toes the entire way. You have to remember that this game is about war and action. No happy music here! I love it! 

The game looks beautiful. You won't be fooled as to what's real and what's a background site. Be sure to inspect every corner and look at the bad guys actions as they'll let you know when they'll attack! The game is as colorful as a Mario game but serious enough that you can bet it'll feel like a war is going on in the game.


Gameplay can be quite difficult to get used to especially because you can't jump. Other than that, you have your gun and other weapons along your journey to help you. Your grappling hook will be your most important weapon though. You can't even move to other platforms without it. A challenging but well balanced game. 
A game fun from beginning to end. A challenge indeed and definitely unique in its own way. You can't go wrong when picking up and playing this gem. 
A must play for any gamer especially of retro roots. You will not be disappointed, a little frustrated yes, but endure it and you'll have a game to remember. Avoid the remake for the PS3 at all cost! 

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