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Posted by : Luis Zena Sep 15, 2015

The original gameboy brought us a massive amount of classics. A lot of them stayed obscured because we weren't ready for the RPG revolution we take for granted today. Back in the day, RPG was just something very few gamers found any association with. Nowadays, we praise all the amazing releases by companies such as Atlus and NIS. Squaresoft though, brought to us a series that ended up putting the genre on the map. Final Fantasy 3 Legend was the third installment of a very odd series. The history of this game is quite interesting as it only adapted the Final Fantasy name so that people would familiarize it with the series on the NES and SNES. Other than that, the game plays as any other RPG with some interesting elements added to it. Lets take a look! 

The music score can get quite boring especially when you have to grind and level up before going to the next dungeon. The sound effects are not bad either but it left a lot to love especially with a game carrying Final Fantasy on the cover.  

The game does look good even after all these years. The sprites are overused since you can tell some of them are from the previous games which is a shame. They got lazy!

This is your typical RPG where you need to grind and level up before heading to the next level. The monsters can be quite tough and you will have a difficult time understanding the level system especially when your characters tend to mutate. You have to find the right mix in order to move on to the next level with ease. It leaves a lot to work on in the end. 

RPGs only tend to be good to replay when they're good overall. This is one that would only be good to play once and be done with it. There are better RPGs to choose from especially obscure ones like Great Greed. 

The game is quite decent but that's about it. I recommend playing through it to see what I'm talking about. You might lose interest like I did before finishing it but it's definitely an experience. Till next week! 

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