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Posted by : Luis Zena Sep 24, 2015

 I'm guessing that this game was released because of the movie that came out earlier this year? Perhaps! Anyways, the name says it all. You're here to kill dinosaurs and drink their blood! This is just another one of those crazy bootlegs that promise a lot but give very little. Have I said too much? Well, lets see what it has to offer. Blood-on! 

The music as in most bootlegs is stolen from other games. I'm not even sure from which games but they sound awfully familiar. I can't give this game any credit for the music because of this...

The graphics are actually not bad. The game looks original from whoever made it even though it's about dinosaurs but I gotta say, it's not bad on the eyes and that's saying a lot for a bootleg.  

You get to pick from six stages. The stages vary of course and consist of you shooting dinosaurs in a first person shooter perspective. It's not bad but it can get boring quite fast. 

The game has very little replay value so you won't be back to it anytime soon. It's good for show but that's about it. There is no story to this game and nothing more than just six stages. 

The game is nice to look at but with stolen music and boring gameplay, it gives little notion to recommend it. I do suggest checking it out even though it's a bit tricky to get to work on an emulator. Till next week! 

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