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Game-bit of the day 341: Digimon Rury (GBA)

By : famicomfreak
One of the more interesting bootlegs for the Gameboy Advance is Digimon Rury and what a grammatical error it contains! Shouldn't it be Ruby? Well, either way the game is amazing! One of the best ever released by bootlegers!

Game-bit of the day 337: Zelda 2 (FDS)

By : famicomfreak
This is probably the toughest Zelda game ever. Zelda 2 for the Famicom Disk System was the only way the Japanese gamers experienced this game for a long time. Of course, nowadays the game is available through the only e-shop but back then it was quite rare. 

Finds 845: The Beauty of Collecting! Various Additions!

By : famicomfreak

Here are some of the recent pick ups! Yu-gi-oh! wise as well. I'm just filling in the gaps of my collection. I haven't been as crazy as my other hobby (Yu-gi-oh!) has been taking up more and more of my time. 

Game-bit of the day 336: Dead Zone (FDS)

By : famicomfreak
This is a fun game and I'm sure many have not played it since it's for a very obscure Nintendo add-on. The Famicom Disk System has some of the most obscure games on existence for Nintendo fans. Care to journey into the unknown?

Finds 844: The Super Famicom Paint Job!

By : famicomfreak
Isn't it awesome to get a crappy looking yellowed console and bring it to new color? I think so! This has been my ever full console mod and I think it's pretty good. This is my main SNES now. I copied the Famicom colors and used them on a SNES in order to give it some gimmick. There is one last thing that I need to add to it, I totally forgot about it! 

Game-bit of the day 334: Pokemon Yellow (GBC)

By : famicomfreak
My favorite of the entire series. Pokemon Yellow was just perfect and you know why? Not only do you get all starters plus a Pikachu that follows you around but you also get to fight against the mighty Team Rocket! That's just incredible! This game holds a spot in my heart for its awesomeness. 

Finds 843: Penguin Madness!

By : famicomfreak

This was a very interesting day. This Penguin Famiclone definitely made my day as I've never been able to pick one up for a decent price. Who thought a Penguin would make a great Famiclone though? The rest of the games are pretty standard. 

Game-bit of the day 332: Gargoyle's Quest 2 (NES)

By : famicomfreak
This is a gem of a game. It's also quite hard to find. I got so lucky finding this game, you have no idea! Especially because it's sealed. I originally had three sealed copies ^_^ I only need one though, no reason to hog them.

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